The Flock

I guess I should start at the beginning. When I wrote this, my first post ever on Students with Birds Blog, there were just six of us: four birds and two slaves humans.

Our first birds, Charlie and Pip, were a pet-shop impulse buy. I’d actually been hoping for a pet for a long time, but circumstances weren’t right until then. When I saw the two canaries bouncing around their cage, I knew they were mine. I’m not recommending the impulse purchase of a pet to anyone, but I will say in my defence that I was looking for one anyway. In the end, I went home with my two balls of fluff and a load of canary stuff and did all the research I could belatedly – and THAT is how I learnt about parrots.

Charlie (left) and Pip (right) instil fear into our cockatiel with all their ferociousness.

Enter Mishka. She is our cockatiel – also a pet shop buy, but this time not an impulse. In my research about canaries, I had stumbled across several parrot training sites. Inspired by these, I looked at a lot of different parrot species (dream birds being either a Sun Conure or a Congo African Grey), but was quickly made aware that these were neither suitable for a poor student, nor apartment life… Actually, Mishka isn’t either. She is loud. And our walls are thin. She bites. She’s terrified of everything. She sits in one place and hates to move… Except when she flaps around the living room at speeds previously unknown to man. But we’re working on her issues, and we’re actually making progress! Hopefully one day we’ll even manage to turn her into a bird that can enjoy life.

Mishka is pretty sure we’re about to murder her… Or at least feed her to one of the smaller birds.

Last of all in the flock is Ptak, our cobalt Celestial Parrotlet. He is bold, confident, and always moving. His favourite toys are human fingers, any technology in said fingers, and millet spray hidden in his foraging log. I can assure anyone looking to buy a parrotlet – they are tiny, but their bites hurt. They also have a sweet side that emerges just when they push one button too many (and to be fair, at other times as well). Ptak is a real cutie, but we have our hands full with him.

Ptak at his cutest.

That’s the feathered flock. As to me: I’m an artist, musician, and writer. My boyfriend, ‘O.’ is a musician and composer and slave to the birds. We enjoy the usual things: gaming, reading, and having a good lie-in when the birds allow it… And that’s about all there is to say.


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  1. Nice to meet you… Good luck with masters…oops fids. Be patient with cockatiel. My first bird luv was a tiel named Frieda. Totally spastic. She was in a tiny cage at bottom of a dime store display. People would come by and poke at her. When i got her, she would totally spaz when anyone would walk in room. I would read to her and sing to her. Took two years. Became so loving and so happy. I was a student as well…


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