Ptak vs. the iPhone.

I learnt some things about the birds today: broccoli is FUN but not edible; Gotye hypnotises Ptak into sitting still for the longest time on record; Mishka has a chirp that sounds more and more decidedly like ‘MA-LOO’ (one of her nicknames); and Ptak has started to mimic my laugh.

You can imagine my shock and amusement as he very distinctly said ‘HA HA HA’ in his small, tinny robot voice. This made me laugh, which, of course, made him launch off into a very inaccurate rendition of my laugh. I don’t sound like that.

The only possible response to any of this was to bring him out for a cuddle. This was the moment of my miraculous discovery: how to make a parrotlet sit still.


O. and I were curled up on the couch. He was gaming, I was amusing a small blue bird – the usual. He put some music on his iPhone, and Ptak – who had been up until this point furiously attempting to eat the Xbox remote – stilled without warning. He shuffled forward in very small increments, his attention bent on the iPhone speakers. It was unprecedented: one of his favourite activities is rescuing the humans from the mind-controlling powers of technology (particularly the evil iPhone). He’s never ‘coexisted’ with it.

And yet today, he sidled up to the speakers and stared, mesmerised, for the duration of half a Gotye album (until he dozed off).

Afterwards, he woke completely re-energised and went back to chewing everything in sight. But it was a nice reprieve. I even captured it on camera, genius photographer that I am (no way do I ever post mediocre, half-focussed pictures!).

Nearly there.
There, next to him, is The Hand that Contains the Xbox Remote… and yet he is oblivious. Amazing.

Go figure. We just need something like this for Mishka, when she gets into a rage. What about you, do your birds have favourite music?

What do you think?

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