Bird Logic – From a Parrot’s Perspective.

Ptak goes through phases. They’re usually short-lived, and they’re all completely random. Like the, ‘ceiling is FUN’ and the ‘tower fan is TERRIFYING’ phases. What bird logic convinced him of this?! Today – in fact, this entire week – he has decided that he doesn’t need sleep.

This makes him very grumpy.

Again, I’m not sure what bird logic has brought him to this latest phase. We go through the usual routine: cleaning papers, changing water and dishing out fresh food for the morning, covering the cages. When all that is done, we turn off the lights after the nightly ritual of saying our goodnights.

Not long after, the soft clanging of a certain birdie beak on cage bars echoes through the room. If you peek, Ptak can be found clinging to the cage near the entrance, looking cute and fluffy and distinctly awake as he makes quiet peeping noises.

His mind-control is slightly less effective at night. Slightly.

Crazy bird.

We usually put him on his usual sleeping perch and tuck him back in, but shortly after he can be heard clambering across his cage again. If we’ve already moved him, he gets ignored – and perhaps this is what we should be doing in the first place. My first theory is that he loves being out so much he’s doing all this for attention.

I like to try to think of any given problem as if I am a bird myself. First, imagine spending all your time in a cage. Second, try to pretend that you live in a truly good situation with owners who care – what would your owners do to make your life better? Fresh toys, a regular bedtime, a dark and quiet sleeping space, good diet, tasty treats, and lots of love. Then, I think about how these things tie into what my birds are doing. Sometimes, an answer won’t hit me right away, but sometimes – like when I really think about why my parrotlet won’t sleep at night – I realise he probably is just craving more of my time because I’ve been busy.

And that, friends, is the most important lesson a parrot can teach you: Thinking about things in a new light, or different ways. Try it next time you’re struggling, and you might be surprised.

Cockatiel and celestial (pacific) parrotlet… You might think they’re scheming something.

What do you think?

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