Two days ago, I wrote that Charlie died in the night. Our sweet little canary is very, very missed, but time is helping ease the sting. Honestly, I still can’t believe it. I’ve made a couple minor decisions… First, we’re going to sell the canaries’ old travel cage (a tiny round thing). Once sanitised, Charlie’s will become the hospital/travel cage for all the birds.

As to having three in our flock, I’m having an inner debate. Christmas is coming up, and unfortunately in the months after there will be a sudden influx of unwanted pets finding their way to rescues and shelters. I’ve been giving some consideration to opening my home as a safe house to a bird (in a few months). I’m not decided on this… But it makes me feel like I’d be doing something good, and yet not ‘replacing’ Charlie.

There are also a few compatible birds in the Birdline Parrot Rescue. I’d need to give it a lot more thought… and time.

In the meantime, I’d also like to share some of the brighter moments in my life. First, Mishka has begun to attempt to sing Jingle Bells. She only gets the first six notes (y’know, the repeated ones), and then after whistling the next note in the phrase she loses patience and launches into her own song. Very cute.

Ptak’s vocabulary continues to grow and I’ve caught some of it on video. Well, to be specific, I captured his voice. I’m still not allowed to look at him while he’s talking, and this includes cameras and iPhones. For this reason, my video consists of the camera focussing on a rack of clothes… behind which I am hiding. I would share a snippet, but unfortunately I’m not sure how. I think it’d need to be posted on YouTube and then linked here. Seems like a lot of hassle.

My last bright moment is that I’ve decided to begin querying agents about one of my novels. I’ve laboured over it long enough now (several years, actually – admittedly between classes and orchestra and such). I came up with the idea when I was a kid, I dunno… Maybe eight years old? I was actually inspired to begin putting them on paper at age twelve (in a purple notebook, no less), and a year later decided to flesh it out on a computer. In the space of two years, I finished it and its sequel – and finally, at around sixteen years old, I began and completed a third in the series. Since then, I’ve been endlessly tweaking and editing and re-writing bits and pieces – chopped the books down to nearly half their original sizes… And now it’s finally time, I think, to put at least the first book out there. May I become rich and famous immediately and without effort.

Wish me luck.

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