A Music Blog, Politics, and the Latest Parrot Obsession.

The birds’ latest obsession, of course! Buttons.

They love buttons. For about a day, buttons were TERRIFYING, evil things – to be avoided at all costs. I wore sleeves with cream-coloured buttons down the wrist, and Ptak and Mishka would not come near me. Ptak even went so far as to give me a reprimanding nip for daring to approach him while evil rode pillion on my arms.

And then, suddenly – magically – the buttons became FUN. I could not prise Ptak or Mishka off me. I couldn’t even snap a picture, as I was too busy defending my wrists. Obviously, my shirt’s buttons were sewn there purely for the birds’ own delight. Now I can’t wear my sleeves exposed for an entirely new reason, but at least Ptak has stopped treating me like I’ve sewn dead animals to my sleeves or something. (Mishka always treats me that way – she’s convinced she’s next.)

Moving on, I’m glad the political onslaught is over! I’m an ocean away, and still my life was temporarily overridden by politics (thank you, Facebook and Twitter). I’m generally happy with the election – and proud that my home state, Maryland, voted ‘yes’ to Question Six. No, I’m not gay, and yes, I am so thankful that people could overcome their fear and judgments and allow others happiness. It gave me a glimmer of hope for the human race.

And finally – last, but not least: I’ve begun an experiment – a viola experiment, to be more precise. My new blog is actually a school project and a sort of viola practise diary, which I plan to fill with musical ideas and thoughts. Have a peek if you’re interested in classical music, violas, or the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. This way, my bird blog posts aren’t slowly overtaken by my other favourite subject, music, and I hopefully get a mark for it that counts towards my degree.


What do you think?

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