For Christmas This Year, I Received a Look of Betrayal.

The look.

Pip the canary and Mishka the cockatiel have both been packed off to the parrot boarding place. Everything went smoothly except the weather. Of course it rained; that’s the law of travel. But our poor cockatiel managed to have a little sense and not flap madly around in her travel carrier and break anything – which was a plus. Sadly, she has outgrown the carrier. Somewhere between this moult and the last, she grew really long tail feathers. Huh.

At the boarding place, we weren’t able to stay very long, though we did step in to check in and make sure the birds settled. I think they’ll enjoy themselves… Well, Mishka will if she manages to stop being a neurotic mess. They had several birds there, mostly African Greys, and the most gorgeous major mitchell cockatoo.

I know I don’t want one, but I want it, if that makes sense!

While I drooled over the pink cockatoo, O. was happy because the owner let him hold his Grey. Yes, we dream of owning birds the way some people lust after expensive cars. Sigh.

Now it’s just to get my parrotlet safely from point A to B. I have a feeling that the train will be busy and that Ptak  will be shouting for attention. His cries of ‘PEEKABOO’ are only cute for so long, I’m afraid, especially when he moves onto his loudest form of it, ‘PEEKAPEEKAPEEKAPEEKA………….. boo.’

My worst fear is that there will be a baby or two in the carriage. Please, not a baby. A crying infant would make any parrotlet peep at the top of his lungs. I assume you can see the result. Endless.

Gulp. Wish us luck.

In the travel cage, ready to go.

Happy Christmas from Scotland, everyone!

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