Masters, Sch’masters.

I put up a YouTube video of Ptak’s favourite game. Parrotlets are funny little things – big birds in little packages, people say. It’s true. Hopefully a silly parrotlet’s antics can bring you a Tuesday evening smile!

Moving on, I’ve been really debating the pros and cons of doing a master’s degree over here. I don’t want to pursue music further – I think that my BMus(Hons) degree is a good one for what I want to do. After all, my end goal is to join a major orchestra. I’ll probably end up teaching violin and viola, too, and that’s fine.

As to the actual master’s degrees I’m interested in, it really comes down to two contenders: creative writing (or English), or else something along the lines of ornithology or animal behavioural psychology. I’m more and more drawn to the latter, especially as the end of my current degree looms on the horizon.

I see the advantages as such – a master’s degree would give me an extra two years in the UK by way of an extended student visa. If I can get a full scholarship, all the better. Doing ornithology or animal behaviour/psychology would hopefully put me on the path to being able to open my own ‘parrot clinic and/or rescue.’ This itself would be a huge advantage – O. is interested in the same degrees, and we could potentially open such a clinic ourselves. The hours would mesh well with working in an orchestra, or composing, and I’d be doing the other thing I’m very passionate about.

I’d love to be able to help improve the lives of companion parrots. These creatures that so often get falsely labeled as ‘low maintenance’ pets, alongside hamsters or fish. I think it’s fair to say that such views do affect the quality of many birds’ lives.

I want to change the opinions of people who look strangely at the parrot owners when they treat their birds the way they deserve, and help the owners who really do want to do well by their pets. I’d also like to make the lives of my own birds as healthy and happy as I can.

Yes, it’s true that ornithology would fascinate me, but I know that as a student with dyscalculia, it wouldn’t be the easy path. Then again, neither is music…

I think that with a specific end goal in mind (and O.’s mathematical assistance, ha) I could muddle through it. Animal psychology is a much better idea, and I’ve been looking into the universities that teach it. It looks do-able.

I’d like to learn more about avians. I’d like to know more about flocks, their habits, nutrition, and how the various aspects of caged life affect companion parrots. If I could, I’d choose to study one of four species of birds:

Cockatiels, because they’re one of the most common and yet underestimated birds.

Budgies, for the same reason.

Cockatoos, as they’re one of the most complex and commonly relinquished parrots.

African Greys – one of the most intelligent birds (and reputedly one of the most neurotic), and worth studying for that reason alone.

A lot of things will affect my final decision; unfortunately it comes back to finance. Until then, I’ve got to concentrate on my BMus degree. Things are already picking up, so my posts will probably have to cut back for a little while. Never the less, I’m usually checking out people’s blogs on my phone via the WordPress app… It’s a good way for me to keep up, although I’m not too keen on using the app’s posting feature.

Now excuse me while I go play the ‘toilet roll game’ with a certain antsy parrotlet.

What do you think?

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