Canaries Are Wonderful Pets.

He used to help me wash dishes. I miss that little bird!

For the rest of our flock, I ordered some nice new toys today from a place called My dad offered to buy some bird stuff as a Christmas present, and me being me, I only just got round to it. We’ve bought toys and things from Junglegold in the past, and really liked both the service and the products. You have to call to make a card payment (unless you’re doing it by PayPal or cheque), but that suits me fine. The lady on the other end was very nice, and helpful.

Pretty soon, the peeps will be enjoying new toys. I’m lucky that they’re not phobic of change at all (probably the result of all the shuffling around I do in their cages) and will immediately investigate a new addition. Makes my life a bit easier! Parrots do need toys; they’re inquisitive and very busy little critters. But remember: Canaries need and enjoy toys, too, and although they don’t visibly destroy them like parrots do (the best way to gauge how loved a parrot toy is is to examine its remains), they shouldn’t be left without.

How would you like being left in a cage all day with nothing to do? Parrot or finch, this holds true. Show your finches a little love and buy them some fun presents!

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