A Tip Concerning Water for Bird Owners.

People always talk about how smart their pets are (and they are) but it’s not as often that you hear about the silly moments.

I happened to catch one of our cockatie’s ahem, ‘moments,’ on video. Not her worst one to be sure, but it still made us laugh!

Anyway, I recently thought of a tip for bird owners that I don’t think I’ve shared yet… Water. The birds need it, obviously, and because their systems are so sensitive to chemicals and the like, running it out of the tap is not necessarily safe. Personally, we keep two old juice bottles (cleaned, rinsed, and aired) full of fresh water in the fridge, de-chlorinating. They just sit for 24 hours before use.

All this means that the water isn’t as chemical-ridden – we do it for the same reasons you let the water sit for fish tanks. (Reading up on that, by the by, it seems this only works if your water treatment company only uses chlorine specifically. If they use chloramine instead, it doesn’t evaporate on contact with the air.)

A good alternative to just letting the water sit is apparently to boil it for 20 minutes.

Commercially bottled spring water isn’t recommended by many experts. I cannot find, for the life of me, where I read first that – as it was somewhere in my original research into birds, way back. I recall it had something to do with the fortified minerals. I’ll keep trying to find it.

Anyway, that’s an easy tip to keep your birds healthy!

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