Silence is the Worst Thing a Parrot Owner Can Hear.

The most horrifying sound a bird owner can hear is the absence of noise.


Nothing good ever came of silent parrots.

Second to that is the sound of crunching paper.

You probably know what it’s like: It’s fairly quiet, and you’re already kind of listening up. It’s then you hear a faint, tell-tale rustle. Whip around and look, and the bird’s probably shredding the lampshade with alarming speed, or those documents that you thought you put out of his reach – all whilst wearing the cheeky look that tells you he’s judging exactly how many more bites he can get in before you intervene.

Ptak just got a new toy: coconut, wooden blocks, and braided material (not sure what). When he chews the braids, it rustles and sounds precisely like the lampshade being reduced to tiny paper shreds. My heart drops a little every time, and I look over, primed to extract a certain parrotlet – only to remember his new toy. He definitely loves it.

I think it has something to do with my reactions, as well…

Mishka is currently enjoying a little wooden block with an almond tucked in it – much less alarming.

It is Mishka-endorsed.

Speaking of Mishka, do a quick comparison:

August of last year…

Yup, it’s the same bird. But… Mishka is almost certainly a boy. That means that all our birds are male – Pip is too, actually, although she (like Mishka) was sold to us as a female. One day Pip started singing, revealing the truth. Whoops. We decided we’d call ‘her’ a female anyway. Why not? She’s not offended.

Speak of the Pip, here she is, enjoying her new toys:

Gloster consort canary likes toys. Secretly.

Finally, Ptak, unable to choose his favourite goody and so flitting between them all:


P.s. I’ve changed my WordPress Theme, so be please be sure and comment if it’s irritating for any reason – I can’t decide if the font is too big… Plus I think the ‘follow me’ button is waaay down at the bottom. Huh. Anyway, enjoy the weekend!

8 thoughts on “Silence is the Worst Thing a Parrot Owner Can Hear.

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  1. “Follow” button is kinda way down at the bottom, but I love the rest of the design. I think the larger header image is definitely more appealing than the little border that it used to be!
    Mishka is so pretty! S/he could be one of those “model birds”, like in pet care magazines. Just picture-perfect! Isn’t it amazing how much male cockatiels morph as they go through their moults? Citrus, too, looked like a different bird, back when he still had his pearling! 🙂


    1. Thanks! I think the thing about the moult and losing the pearling is that you totally don’t notice until you’re looking back on old pictures and think, ‘No way.’ That was me, anyway, haha.


  2. Love the new look! Mishka is lovely too and COMPLETELY understand the absence of noise….unsettling isn’t it? 🙂


    1. I think bigger font is better in general – less eye strain… Unless it’s so big it’s at that point where you almost have to read word by word, if you know what I mean. Glad you liked the photos, too. 😀


  3. The new theme looks great, love the bigger fonts, as I have some problems with my eyes at times. Mishka is definitely a beautiful normal grey male.


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