‘Hi, Mavi!’

So declared this bundle of adorableness as I walked in the door to meet him.

‘Good bird.’

Maverick is a 4.5 year-old Senegal Parrot. We adopted him from a lovely couple who had to give him up due to personal reasons. He was well loved and cared for (‘I LOVE you, Mavi’) and is very handsome – we feel very lucky to be his new family! He’s just getting tucked in for his first night here… There will be more posts to come soon as he settles into the flock! (He’s in his cage grinding his beak now.)

Welcome to your new home, Maverick!

6 thoughts on “‘Hi, Mavi!’

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    1. Thanks. πŸ˜€ He’s a real character! Is your girl very stroppy? Maverick likes to test boundaries, as is normal, but instead of stepping up (which he knows how to do), he drops his head down as if to ask for a scratch/or bluff a bite.


    1. He’s doing really well. And best of all, the shrieks and car alarm noises from the first day have gone and he’s quiet except for his adorable muttering. He’s really settling now, I think.


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