A Bird Blogging Challenge To Myself.

So, I’ve been thinking about blog posts I can do in the future… I like a balance between sharing adorable/funny/vaguely interesting birdie stories, and putting up some more informational posts (which bring in the Google hits, haha). In all of this, I realised I could do a weekly topic of discussion.

The time I’ll be most likely to post these will probably coincide with the weekend, so I’m trying to think up a clever name for the series like, ‘Issue of the Day.’ Only… y’know, clever and related to weekends.

In brainstorming actual topics of discussion, I am thinking of more controversial ones (some of which have been touched on previously here).

Things like wing clipping, pellets vs. seeds, avian harness use, free-flight vs. flight suit, birdie backpacks, various bedding types, caging situations, dominance theory, potty-training, breeding your pets, good ‘starter’ birds, parrot welfare, your adoption source (pet shop/breeder/rescue), hand-raised vs. parent-raised birds, and whether we should actually even¬†own exotics, etc. I’d love suggestions as to some of the issues that you – as pet and bird owners – have stumbled across. My idea here is to promote discussion.

And here I also feel compelled to offer a wee challenge to my followers. If you happen to write a post on parrots, owning them, and/or dealing with any issue you deem controversial, please – drop a comment here letting me know, and I’ll re-blog!

This is Ptak’s ‘I dare you’ face.

3 thoughts on “A Bird Blogging Challenge To Myself.

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  1. What do you think about harnesses (like the aviator harness) and flight suits versus freeflying parrots? Or Pak-O-Bird style backpack cages?


    1. Good ones! I hadn’t heard of Pak-O-Bird style cages, but I can kinda see why people would differ on using them. I imagine my birds could scissor through them in seconds flat… Thanks!


  2. I have had a finch for one day and he has never been handeled and I was able to hand tame him and he will fly around in the room and when I go to him and pick him up he will gon to his cage with no problems so that goes to show that finches can be tamed to a certian extent


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