Photo-Bombing Parrots.

Today is a day of photo-bombing.

I was bored and playing around with my charm bracelet and phone camera. Mishka HAD to be involved.

I was actually trying to get something more to this effect:

More or less.

But no sooner had I snapped that picture, then Mishka nipped in again.

She picked it up…
…And dropped it over the edge of the couch, returning expectantly.

That was the end of my attempt to photograph anything other than her. Mishka loves to model…

The phenomenon seems to have been contagious, as it happened earlier, too…

Well, hi, Pip…

And while this isn’t strictly photo-bombing:

I’m not sure what I was doing, but that bird isn’t supposed to be there.

The only bird not involved in the photo-bombing frenzy was Mavi, who is much more interested in attempting to chew the phone. You snap a few pictures quickly and then distract him with food.

And then Ptak slipped into Pip’s picture, just for equality’s sake.

Note to self: put birds away before attempting pictures.

Like our wall art?

2 thoughts on “Photo-Bombing Parrots.

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  1. Ha ha–cockatiels love to play the game of “drop something and watch it fall”! It’s only fun, though, if the human provides them with the thing to drop multiple times. (‘Cuz, you know, it might fall different or something on the sixteenth try…) I think your attempt at photography ruined the game 😉


    1. Poor Mishka. 😦 I’m a terrible owner, just ask her. She’s making camera noises at me right now, and here I am blogging! The ‘drop and fall’ game is made exponentially more interesting by value and weight of said item, haha.


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