Is it Friday?

I really meant to post sooner – and with my ‘issue of the week’ as well… But life has got in the way.

Between orchestra, class, and a shoulder injury, I’ve been incredibly busy. At least this isn’t the norm, and I know everything will settle down again soon. Especially my stupid shoulder. Go away, shoulder.

If I have left a slightly incoherent response to something, I apologise. I am fairly sleep-deprived… Not to mention missing 3 vials of my blood. Yep. I had blood taken and I didn’t cry like a fool. (I hate needles.) But I did black out a couple times. I’d told the nurse that she should most definitely finish drawing the blood, but she promptly revived me to tell me she needed to try again in my other arm. Which failed.

I’m going back next week for more hyperventilating torture fun with phlebotomists.

Something related to NHS healthcare… I think it’s great, and am surprised by the number of Americans who react to it with the same impassioned fury that they do when one suggests gun control. What? Why? My experiences with the healthcare system in the UK have always been good, and the staff are just as reliable, well-trained, and dedicated as any American medical professionals.

I do, however, have this terror of walking past the front desk without making a payment; doing so seems to be very deeply ingrained. I can’t just casually stroll out the door like all the normal people everyone else is doing – I want to shove cash at the receptionists and beg them to take it because it’s just not right to leave without paying.

But I digress.

I’m happy to report that the birds are all just fine. They have taken my absence in stride, and put up remarkably well with my late appearance in the evening. In all truth, I don’t think they’ve noticed anything is different.

They’re wonderfully adaptive.

I try to encourage this by sticking only the to vaguest of routines. Y’know, logically, breakfast comes after waking up – so they know to expect it when I remove their cage covers.

But they don’t know whether to expect it in 1 minute, or 15, and have no idea what will happen afterwards. Sometimes I leave them all for a few minutes of quiet time in their cages, playing with their toys or poking through the remnants of breakfast. Sometimes, I let everyone out at once. Or sometimes, I will bring out one bird for scritches, cuddling, training, or play, and then swap. Most importantly, I’m able to go through life without worrying that doing something new or random will stress them out.

I don’t keep to a strict routine because I know how it affects the birds if/when I break it. Really, I hope to prevent (some of their) screaming just by keeping things flexible – if they feel comfortable in their non-routine, they’re not going to shriek when it suddenly changes again.

It’s at times like this week when I really notice the impact this has had. My birds are happy and comfortable, and although they’re glad to be out with me when I come home,  they’re not having nuclear meltdowns because something changed.

They get lots of new, interesting things to do, too!
Food is Mavi’s favourite toy.

What about you, do you keep a routine for your pets – especially birds?

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