A Game to Help Tame Your Bird.

Or an experiment to try if your bird is already tame! It’s a positive, basic, hands-off interaction based on body-language. You can do it through the bars of the cage, or even while your bird is out on his play stand. It can be a good way to introduce yourself to a new or timid bird.

The game:

Assuming that your bird is in his cage on a perch, adjust your body so that it is just lower than he is. If you need to, you can hide your hands in your pockets. Angle your body and head away from him, hunching your torso over so you’re bent at an angle – almost, but not quite, in two. At the same time, look at him with just one of your eyes.


A well-socialised parrot will hunch over and blink back. You know he’s comfortable around you when he responds in kind.

But if he’s not ready to meet your gaze, open your mouth and wiggle the tip of your tongue at him: it’s the same posture all parrots use to indicate interest in something. He should be intrigued and look over; you’re telling him that you’re interested in him, too, in a way that he understands.

Try the ‘game’ with your birds and let me know how it went! My birds will instantly mimic my posture. You might look a bit silly, but I think they like it. Or maybe they’re amused at our faltering attempts to communicate?


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