Where Does a Ptak Bird Live?

Today, I had a hit on my blog from Google that made me look twice:


Dear mysterious person of the Google search: He lives in Scotland. However, my Ptak bird is probably not the Ptak bird you seek. I am also disinclined to share him. I wish you all the best in finding your own.

Note: Ptak [Tahk], in case you ever wondered, is (if Google is to be believed) Polish for ‘bird,’ and also a nickname for one of very small stature. Bet you can’t guess why our parrotlet received such a name.

On a semi-related note, some of my spam lately has been rather amusing, too. I snapped a few screenshots to illustrate my very favourites. (Through all of this, I sit and wonder – surely the good folks churning out spam could at least find someone with passable English. I should only imagine it would ‘help’ their cause…)



I didn’t know that nutrients had plans and ideas… but… yeah, nope, I’m confused. Did I reveal that? Oh, – no, no, I didn’t.


From the good folks at Viagra. I… I don’t even want to think about what you’re an expert at.


You conceived the Internet?! Wow, and here I am just blogging and managing not to spread spam everywhere. Kudos on spelling ‘conceived’ right, though.




I just… I declared this the best in my entire queue. It’s like they knew that I was terrified of the things that lived in sea shells as a kid! Fine, yes, and pretty much everything else too.


I think the percentage of that is 0%, unfortunately. Have a look forward to look… Ach, never mind, it’s like the cool-table at school; I’ll never understand.


Moving on, just to round off the post: some more screenshots!


He’s so famous!


I’m a zombie in the mornings. As are my birds. We don’t do early. Does that count?


We have lots of those here.

…And finally, a message from the birds themselves:


llllllllllllllllllllllll;; <—- That one was all Mishka. She’s just heavy enough to press keys; the little one can kind of type, but only by trying to pry bits off. As per usual, I’m doing a strange typing dance around them as they chase my fingers. Life is good.

Happy Monday!

One thought on “Where Does a Ptak Bird Live?

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  1. I have the hermit crab comment too!!! 😉 🙂 😀 What the heck..? Is there a purpose to spam?? I mean, it’s entertaining and ego-boosting, but…(sighs)
    I enjoyed “having a look forward to look you.” 🙂


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