Ptak, a Parrotlet.

My parrotlet is the cutest.

Some bird owners might disagree (!) but I think Ptak is just the most precious tiny blue bird, particularly when I wake him in the mornings. I say ‘wake.’ He’s always awake when I go to get him up – I have yet, in the past two months, to catch him sleeping when he’s supposed to. When it comes down to it, I’m under the impression that he simply never does, save for power naps on my finger.

But I digress. Each morning, I pull off the birds’ covers and, oh-so-adorably, Ptak pipes his own name.


It’s very, very cute. There is nothing more likely to make me give in to anything he wants and he knows it. Think a 30 gram bird isn’t capable of manipulating someone? Think again. He doesn’t need his beak to get me to give in.

Bedtime is another time when our parrotlet is likely to squeak his name. As I pull down the cover and tuck him in, he’s almost guaranteed to say, ‘Ptak… Please?’

Melts my iron heart. Every single night, he manages to delay bedtime by at least five minutes, sometimes more. On goes the cover, and out come the adorable peeps. Suddenly he’s on my finger, snuggling against my thumb, because he’s got superior powers of manipulation.

He uses those powers for great evil.

Earlier, this is what he said after I put him in the cage:

‘You silly bird,’ Ptak said, ‘Wanna open the door?’

I was ignoring him, but he knew I was caving, so said, ‘You silly, pretty bird.’ And out came the big guns: ‘Ptak. Ptak.’ With the big eyes.

Not the big eyes.

I let him out. How can you resist the tiny little robot voice and the eyes?

The answer is, you can’t. He was obviously made for this.

IMG_3168 IMG_2678 IMG_1761 IMG_1779 IMG_1516 img_1508.jpg

20 thoughts on “Ptak, a Parrotlet.

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  1. Hahahahaha… I love it. Why is his name Ptak? Polish roots? LOL
    I wish my quaker would talk more. She’s quite resistant. All she says is Kiss, Eat, and occasionally sings Appiii Pooo, which, in her language is Happy Birthday.


    1. Awwww, ‘appi poo’ made me laugh. I love it when they hit on their own approximations of human words. Ptak is Polish – if Google is to be believed, it means ‘bird,’ but is also a nickname for a person small of stature. As to your other comment, he TRIES. He’s just too small, though! If he puts all his might into tearing off keys, he can almost get them. For rest of the birds, there’s a no-standing-on-laptops rule, or I WOULD be missing all the keys, haha.


      1. I am Polish, that’s why I asked. And I never heard of the second meaning – a short person???

        You know, if you wanna be tender with him, you can call him Ptaszek (pronounced – ptashek), which means little birdie. It’s a very sweet way to address someone you love.

        And yes, those birds LOVE the keyboard. Basil actually pulled off about 15 keys. After a few days’ search I managed to find all but 5. Who knows where she dropped them…


        1. Maybe the second meaning is regional? Hahaha, or Google made it up. I guess that’s the peril of Internet-naming. I’ll have to remember Ptaszek. I just recalled the second half of why we named Ptak what we did: it’s short and starts/ends with a plosive, so he picked it up really quickly. I was all for naming him Fluff Nugget/Mr Pickles, though.

          I’m glad my laptop has survived so far, haha. I bet she’s stashed your keys away for future use. Mavi sometimes stuffs things down the back of the couch. At least he’s not into destroying keyboards – just shoes. >_<


  2. Oh and that photo on the keyboard? Your Ptak is the nicest bird in the world…. I am already missing 5 keys from my keyboard after Basil got near it.


      1. YES. Baby shoes, apparently, and if we don’t provide those, he’s happy to gnaw on my boyfriend’s manky old trainers. So we wait for sales on baby shoes – particularly Crocs, haha!


    1. Thanks! Hmm, I sometimes put up YouTube links, although I haven’t done in awhile. I’ll put one up soon! The only problem is, as soon as he spies the camera, he reverts to chirping. I’ve managed to get a few cute clips out of him, though, haha.


    1. Yup! The breeder remarked as we took him home, ‘Celestials love fingers.’ I know now exactly what he meant, haha. They are feisty, aren’t they? I love when they talk, too. The little robot voices get me every time…


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