When You’re Busy…

I fear that I am caught up in papers and research at the moment… I just finished one essay – on Charles Ives and his symphonic works, no less – and have one more to go. In the meantime, I’ll try and update as I can, but sadly it’s got to take a back seat for a bit.

Much as I wish I could blog to my heart’s content, I’m also trying to put together a portfolio for a master’s application at the same time (gulp), so it’s rather busy around here at the moment. The birds are getting all the love and attention they could possibly want; Mishka has decided that she might even be getting too much, as she is currently zooming around the ceiling.

Anyway, I just thought I’d share the photo above. My stats went rocketing recently, and lo and behold: I clicked on one of the more popular posts to discover all the attention it’s been getting. It’s ‘Bird cages aren’t evil,’ if you’re curious. I was kind of… sort of… absurdly excited. It’s even been emailed around! This small-timer is thrilled that anyone would read her ramblings.

So thank you very much to whomever has shared my posts. (I’m still halfway convinced that WordPress is glitching, and it’s all made up, haha.)

I’d also like to thank Chela for sharing Students and Birds – she blogs here, at botanicalreflections.blogspot.co.uk. You should go check it out! Many of her posts feature her adorable ‘tiel, the charming Mr Tibbs.


P.S. I like this photo… a lot.


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