Take That, Boulez (and Other Assorted Thoughts).

I finished my last full-length paper of the year and am officially on Easter holiday.

Two thousand, five hundred words is not a lot. I typically write that much (and revise it a couple times) in maybe a one or two hour period, when writing a story or novel. But so many words on Boulez and Debussy’s influence on his concept of sonority was merely torturous. Not that I don’t appreciate Boulez’s work… but that was a killer paper. So killer, in fact, that it apparently drained my ability to come up with a better synonym.

I spent a good few days after the submission just recuperating. I know I’m a musician and birdie slave – I don’t really get breaks, and mostly I’m fine with that… However, it’s true that to the best of my ability I took two days, played the Sims 3, and generally did nothing of importance or interest.

It was amazing.


Some things that may be of somewhat greater interest:

-Decided that I was not immoral enough to sell the hardly-used round cage that our canaries came in. The thought that someone might use it for a canary or budgie, or worse, a pair of birds, stopped me mid-plan.

-Changed the sleeping set up for Ptak by using said round cage as a sleeping cage instead. Our parrotlet gets very, very grumpy when his sleep is lacking, so we’ve made him up a nice little cosy place in the bedroom, which has shutters and is completely dark. The sleeping cage seems to be helping. He’s much happier with the new arrangement.

-Bought a massive bag of Harrison’s pellets. Apparently they can be frozen…

-Convinced Mavi to let O. give him a scratch! It was very exciting.

-Learnt that Mavi enjoys almonds enough to take them nicely from O.’s fingers, thereby rewarding him with food.

-Gave Mishka a kiss on the head. It’s a big deal for a bird who hates to be looked at oddly, let alone touched!


To round off my post:

Mavi eats about 1lb of pellets a month.
What you're looking at here is the clear plastic pannel in the birds' seed mix: a measuring spoon, and Ptak's foot.
What you’re looking at here is the clear plastic pannel in the birds’ seed mix: a measuring spoon, and Ptak’s foot.
Mishka sneaks a nibble, too.
O.'s head is Mavi's new favourite place to be. He can only be up to mischief...
O.’s head is Mavi’s new favourite place to be. The bird can only be up to mischief…
Finish off the post with the irresistible cuteness of a parrotlet!
Finish off the post with the irresistible cuteness of a parrotlet!

4 thoughts on “Take That, Boulez (and Other Assorted Thoughts).

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  1. What?? 2,000 words plus in 1-2 hours???!! Sorry this was the only thing I really took away from this, but GAAAH I ENVY. You must either have very fast fingers or a brain very adept at converting haphazard flashes of emotion/inspiration into cohesive sentences.


    1. I do type quite fast, haha… about 90-100 words per minute, if those online writing speed tests are to be believed. That being said, I usually go into a writing session with a very clear idea of what I’m about to type. And – of course – some days I hardly write anything useful, haha.


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