Cockatoo (No Longer) Looking For a Good Home!

UPDATE: Bobo has come to live with us.

Bobo is a beautiful Umbrella Cockatoo who loves cuddles, dancing on the floor whilst singing ‘Lalala!’ and putting his foot through the bars of his cage to hold your hand!

Like many ‘toos, he hasn’t had the rosiest past. He spent two years shut in a greenhouse, but has since been rescued (and is safe in his temporary home for now). Poor bud is missing one toe on one foot, and three nails on the other.  He isn’t great with men, but loves women – so a home with a nice lady would be ideal. He can also be noisy, like all his kind, but usually only when their macaw goes off!



P.S. More pictures here, or you can click the photo above to go through to his current home’s Flickr account.

6 thoughts on “Cockatoo (No Longer) Looking For a Good Home!

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  1. I’m a female I live in edinburgh and I would not mind traveling to glasgow to pick him up, I have a big house with plenty of room for him to have a fly around and get to know the place. I live in my own and rarely have men over usually just my girlfriends so the fact that he is uncomfortable around men will not be a problem so if there is still an offer if you could get back to me ASAP that would be great thanks.


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