Learning About my Pet Parrots.

I learn something new about the birds each week, if not each day. For instance, this past week, I’ve learnt a number of things about each:

Mishka likes to stare out the bedroom window. She’ll do it for hours on end, singing at anyone who walks past.

Maverick LOVES pistachios. He also has a Yoshi noise?!

Ptak will eat anything if I hold it in the corner of my mouth (no spit!).

Pip can manage to have a bath in her ‘anti-bathing’ water dispenser. Charlie used to do that, too.

I also think I’ve got Mavi at least partially toilet-trained.  If I give the command, well… he does. Clean clothes, yes, please! He’s also been trained to climb out of his cage on his own and go whilst standing on the top.

Oh, lord. It’s happened. I am officially yet another bird blogger who’s written about bird poop.

I’m sorry.

I’ll make up for it by telling you the tale of how Mavi fished for my parrotlet. What, you say? Yes. Ptak was in his round sleeping cage, and Mavi was on top of it whilst I got ready for bed.

Maverick has lately had a fascination with watching the other birds in their cages. I mean, he just hangs off the tops and stares in, captivated. Doesn’t do anything… just watches. Anyway, he became distracted at some point and began to chew on the round cage’s cover, which happens to be an old jumper of mine. Of course, he immediately discovered the hood’s strings. The end of one dangled down along the outside bars of Ptak’s cage as Mavi chewed it.

I have no doubt that it started as a coincidence, but Ptak, whose current favourite toy is just those strings, flew over and began to try and catch it from the safety of his cosy hut. Mavi noticed, and suddenly, he was making the string swing left and right, with Ptak trying desperately to sink his beak in. It may still have been a coincidence, but it looked intentional to me. Mavi was watching every move!

I tried to take a photo, but they both stopped as soon as I got out the phone.


9 thoughts on “Learning About my Pet Parrots.

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  1. That is so funny. I can’t believe how well Mavi is doing. Think you would work wonders with an Umbrella Too lol!!


    1. We would love to take him, but somehow I doubt the neighbours would be very understanding, haha. I keep forgetting to mention to you that Mavi will now accept scratches and treats from Oli! Huge change from when he wouldn’t let Oli withint 6 feet.


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