Feather Tattoos.

I have had one tattoo for years, a treble/bass heart-shape. It’s not unique or anything, but I think it’s cute (and small, meaningful, yet inoffensive and concealable) and have no regrets about stamping it permanently on my foot!

They say that tattooing is addictive, and maybe it is. I enjoy them as an art form. The act of getting one hurts, of course, and I’m not big on self-inflicted pain. Why suffer it if you can avoid it? So it did kind of surprise me last summer when I decided I wanted another. I think it’s the beauty of the thing that’s most addictive (that, and the endorphin rush after!).

And finally, around six years after my first, and months after I started thinking about a new one, I decided to get…

Looking a little scabby.

I’m very happy with it. It’s bigger than I originally thought – nearly as big as Ptak, whose flight feather was the model! I also surprised myself by opting not to get black and white. Part of what attracted me to the idea of that particular feather was the boldness and brightness of Ptak combined.

Eventually I might like to get one of everyone’s flight feathers inked on me. I can’t go for anything extravagant or obvious, unfortunately, seeing as I’m a classical violist and performing artist, and tattoos in that industry are generally frowned upon.

On that note, I was careful about placement. You can’t really tell from the photo, but the feather is on a part of my arm that can’t be seen when I’m bowing my instrument, holding my arm at my side, or even extending my hand for a clasp. A suitable tattoo for a musician. It didn’t even hurt that badly. Took half an hour, midway through the area went numb, and I was able to enjoy watching it take shape. It’s a bit tender now, but around the tattoo, and not the actual thing itself, strangely.

Still in its wrap, but you can see the colours a bit better.

In other news, the birds are doing great. Pip was caught for a toe-trim, joy of all joys, Mavi’s harness came in the post, and Ptak just declared, ‘You’re so pretty, bird.’ When I thanked him, he said loudly, ‘You SILLY, pretty bird.’ Little monster tried to bite my tattoo (wanted to taste it, I think). Fortunately, he missed. He did actually leave a mark, though!

Mishka has been enjoying some hemp seed as a treat. We bought an enormous bag of the stuff. Mavi is absolutely mad about it. I mean, I thought he loved pistachios. He would fly across the room for one.

But he’ll fly across the room to O. for a single teeny, tiny hemp seed.

Mind you, he knows that there is no such thing as ‘one’ hemp seed. Where the humans dispense one, there is a pocketful more to be had…

I’m starting to teach Maverick some commands like ‘Stand tall,’ and ‘Spin,’ things that are incompatible with biting and chewing. I hope this will help for harness training. He can’t bite or chew and do a spin, after all! He also loves training. It’s amazing to see his focus. He notices the treats and the clicker, and his mind is completely on training. Suddenly, he has no time for affection or scritches; it’s all about working out how to get the treat. He hates to stop!

That’s part of why training is so important. Not only does it encourage positive behaviours and stimulate a bird’s mind, it also continues outside of actual training sessions! Parrots learn to look for new, different ways to try and get treats out of you, and when they’re doing this, they’re not getting into trouble. (Note that you shouldn’t reward begging behaviours – rewards come for when you’ve cued it!)

To round up the post, here are some pictures:

Bobo is still looking for a home - click the photo to learn more about him.
Bobo is still looking for a home – click the photo to learn more about him.
Ptak lays claim to my spoon rings!
Ptak lays claim to my spoon rings!
Pip getting her toes done.
Pip has a pedicure.
Mishka helps herself to a bath as I do the dishes.
Mishka helps herself to a bath as I do the dishes.


Mavi enjoys a nap on my knee.
Mavi enjoys a nap on my knee.


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  1. That feather tattoo looks rather amazing. It even seems to have the irridescence that feathers can have. I find with dark feathers on birds that they have a sheen in the light. Kinda nice.


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