Strange Moment of the Day.

Strange moment of the day: Pip, our canary, was so excited about breakfast that she dove under my fingers as I was pouring the seeds from my palm. Her head was touching me – a big no-no in her book; she is a strictly hands-off bird – and she merrily ate away. It was only when I went to close the lid of her feeder that she seemed to be realise, ‘WAIT. What?’

In other news, Mishka is playing defender. There’s a magpie preening himself in the tree outside our bedroom window. Judging by the volume of Mishka’s shrieks, she wants the intruder gone. Now a crow’s joined it, and Mishka doesn’t know what to do with herself.

The littlest one is mimicking every squeak, squawk, and shriek our ‘tiel makes. He is in his cage for a time-out because he has a new obsession with trying to bite my tattoo off. I did manage to snap one quick photo of him looking reflective.

The model himself (pre-recognition).

Ptak actually went through a couple stages: ‘Oblivious, Phobic, Furious, Intrigued.’ The latter two have both involved attempts at prising the ink off my wrist. And yes, we’re still hoping waiting for ‘neutral.’

Mavi had another training session this morning. I couldn’t seem to get his focus, and he did, indeed, become a little too stimulated from my handling his wings. They drooped and he began to make a soft clucking sound at me. Abort! Abort!

So we had a break and worked on ‘Stand tall,’ for a bit before we tried again. I did get a couple good lifts in of his wings after, but I let it go pretty quickly. He wasn’t as focussed as he’s been in the past. We’ll try again later. (If you have any tips for harness-training with an adult bird like Mavi, please share!)

Having watched the DVD that came with the harness, the guy demonstrated a young, untrained macaw, and the harness there was obviously much bigger. He did warn that getting the harness onto smaller birds is more difficult. I must admit, I’m a bit stumped about that one. Mavi is fine with the harness itself. But I can’t use the guy’s trick for slipping on the neck piece of the harness because said neck piece is so much smaller. I’ve been watching Kili Parrot’s series on Youtube in the hopes of gleaning some useful tips.

Anyway, off to go entertain a couple of very energetic birdies! I’m not sure if it’s the sun or what, but they’re practically bouncing off the walls. I’d better keep it from becoming literally so.

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