Cage-less Sleeping Arrangements For Your Bird.

Cage-less sleeping has worked out pretty well for us so far. I’m not brave enough to try cage-less living for my flock, as I do feel the cage plays an important role in a parrot’s safety – particularly when owners have to leave the house.  But at night, our cockatiel enjoys sleeping in the room with us. We feel certain that she won’t fly down onto us in the night, which could be a risk.

You see, Mishka  has recently been trying out sleeping on the perch that O. made her. (On a side note, that’s one thing checked off my Resolutions list!)


She loves it.

It started out with her falling asleep on our drying rack full of nice, clean clothes that’d we hung up in the bedroom. They were obviously there for her own comfort, right? When we made to take her back to her cage for bedtime, our cockatiel glared and hissed. We weren’t even close yet. No way were we getting near enough to pick her up.

‘Just leave her,’ O. said. And leave her we did.

For the past three, four nights, Mishka has slept in the same room. You’d never think it, but she really, really likes it.

We’re careful; we know that her flying onto us in the middle of the night could mean her getting squashed or suffocated. But I’m a light sleeper, and once it’s dark, she never moves. There’s not a lot for her to get into in the bedroom, either. We leave food out and always take her straight for a drink of water come morning. The main reason for having her sleep in the bedroom is that her cage is kept in the living room. This has an enormous window and no shutter, and no matter how well we cover her cage, soon – with Scottish summer setting in – it’ll only just be dark after 22:30, with sun-up by 04:00. Not much sleep there for a bird who requires darkness at bedtime. She gets grumpier grumpy if she doesn’t get enough rest, trust me.

The best and cutest part of this new routine is Mishka’s welcoming good-morning chirp. Without fail, she chirps to us the exact moment the alarm goes off. I guess she’s just so excited to wake up, haha.

Anyway… I don’t know if we’ll continue this. The cage is the safest place for any parrot, especially when we can’t have our eyes on it all the time. But our nutty cockatiel is getting her rest, and that’s what we set out to achieve, right? Until I can get her a decently-sized sleeping cage, I think this is going to be it.

What about you – what’s your bird’s preferred sleeping arrangement?

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  1. For naps, Mr. Tibbs loves to sleep outside his cage – whether it’s on a perch or on top of his cage. His nap time is usually around ours, so he waits to see if we are sleep. When it’s time for bed, he prefers to sleep inside the cage. He squawks to let us know it’s time for bed and he climbs inside the cage to be covered.


    1. Haha, aww, it’s so cute that he waits to see if you’re sleeping! Most of our birds do prefer the cage at night, although no one ever wants to go IN except our little canary. They would probably all sleep in my bed if they were allowed!


  2. Marco and Sol have small sleeping cages and Buddy sleeps in a happy hut hooked onto the bed head. All three sleep in the room with us. Sol would run around all night if he wasn’t locked in 🙂


    1. Hahaha, I think our parrotlet would be like Sol. Never stops going, that one! We were given a nice sleeping cage for Mishka, though, so I don’t have to worry now that she’ll fly over or something. I like the idea of the parrot hut hooked onto something!


  3. I’m not sure I’d trust my Amazon to sleep outside the cage with our 9 cats. To insure he gets plenty of sleep, we cover his cage with a dark blue cover which blocks out the light. He whines (child-like) for all of 15 seconds and then falls asleep, so we assume. There have been times when I’ve heard him crunching his pellets after being covered. Bedtime snack?


    1. Mishka has always hated being covered, and she does stay in the one spot all night. Our bedroom has curtains and proper shutters, though, so it’s very dark. And fortunately we have no cats! Too cute about Burt moaning – just like a toddler, hehe. I know our cage sleepers enjoy ‘midnight’ snacks as well. I regularly hear Ptak having a late-night munch. Sometimes he does it at really odd hours, too, but once it’s dark, they never make a peep.


  4. Huh, Chocobo will sleep pretty much anywhere. He’ll sleep on me while we watch TV or on his perch – if he’s sleepy and it’s quiet he will just snuggle up and nap. When he wants to go to sleep at night he’ll say “sweet dreams!” and stretch for his cage until I take him over. I’ve fallen asleep with the cage door open a few times and he has never left the cage, he just makes himself comfortable and goes to sleep like normal. In the morning when he wants me to wake up he says “GOOD MORNING MOMMY I WANT SOME TEA.”


    1. That’s too cute! Bobo, our U2, takes off his cover in the morning and plays quietly until he hears us stir, at which point he shouts, ‘Hello!’ on repeat. He and the others most definitely sleep in their cages, but Mishka is very well-behaved in general, and gets the privilege of choosing. Mainly because we know she can’t do any serious damage! Every now and again, she goes to her cage, but she really loves sleeping near us.


  5. Yeah, Chocobo loves sleeping on my knee while I watch TV but if I wake him up with too much snuggling he will get annoyed and hop over to his cage for a proper nap. I JUST CAN’T HELP IT THOUGH BECAUSE HE IS SO CUTE.


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