Crazy Birds.

Avian hormones are rampaging this week.

Birds are not domesticated pets, but rather are very much creatures of their wild instincts. One of those instincts happens to be finding a mate and making eggs.

We’ve been having a constant reminder of just how wild all birds truly are. My sweet little Ptak has been transformed from an angelic little bird to a dark-dwelling monster who wears the face of my parrotlet.

Just kidding. (Kind of.)

Four things come typically hand-in-hand with this season: excessive nippiness and mood swings, a particularly enormous appetite, and nesting.

Everything dark or enclosed… behind pillows, under the couch, under my arms, the pocket of my jumper, bumps in the blankets, shadowy corners… everything is suddenly a potential nest. So not only am I spending a large chunk of my time herding the birds away from perceived nesting sites (all of which require ‘improvement’ by means of a good chew, by the way), but they’re all highly offended by this, and bite me for my troubles.

Male birds nest as much as females do. In parrotlets, the male is also the one to investigate a nest site first, then invite his mate inside. Ptak has definitely been keeping his eye out. He’s shredded his newspaper cage liner and is looking for every excuse to hide under the bedroom blankets. Mishka’s probably been the most normal. She just sits and sings to Pip all day, who is as oblivious as ever.

Mavi has been acting the most odd this week. He actually wants to sit with O. all the time – mainly, I think, because O. is the main source of hemp. I’ve been trying to make up for this by keeping a stash of the beloved treat on me at all times, but to be honest, the boyfriend is definitely the one in favour. I’m actually glad; it’s good to see the lads getting on.

Eesh, anyway, here’s hoping hormones calm down again ASAP. It wasn’t too bad last year, so maybe I’ll get lucky again…

P.s. I was cleaning out my spam queue and found this beauty. I’ve had spam that solicits, spam that wheedles, spam that flatters, unintelligible spam, and even spam that rambles on about nothing. But I’ve never been insulted before! 😀

I am genuinely trying to figure out what this achieves. Is it meant to upset bloggers and provoke them click the email or link to retort?

Screen shot 2013-05-07 at 21.01.55

11 thoughts on “Crazy Birds.

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  1. Buddy has been going crazy aswell the last few weeks. He is finally settling down a bit 😃. Sol is starting to get a bit nippy but he is only just turned 1 so I think he is just trying to protect his territory because he only does it when he is in his cage.


    1. Ooh, I’m pretty lucky that there’s no cage territoriality here… yet…! Have I jinxed it? I probably just did. Fortunately, our parrotlet and ‘tiel are pretty manageable in terms of hormones. Yesterday, though, our senegal started clucking and panting at me out of the blue. I hadn’t been touching him; he’d been calmly sitting on my knee. Guess it’s just one of ‘those’ weeks!


  2. LOL! Can just imagine them doing that! Our youngest Alfie is more than just hormonal, he just wants to annoy the heck out of the others! Btw what a lovely Spam comment?! 😉 😀


    1. Haha, aww! Mishka loves to annoy Ptak, and vice versa. They get a big kick out of chasing one another off a perch and sitting there. A dozen other places to sit, but the only REAL one is taken, I suppose! And I don’t even know what was up with that spam… I prefer the ‘nice’ stuff, haha.


  3. I only have one bird but she is doing the same thing. Why don’t they understand that ‘behind the stove’ is not a nesting site? And chewing the cord on the coffee grinder will not provide nesting material? And my ear is not for biting! It’s getting exhausting when she is out of the cage. Hopefully this will pass soon.


    1. It is exhausting, I know what you mean – seems unending! Crazy thing is, some of ours are moulting currently – which shouldn’t happen at the same time. Silly birds. 😀


  4. Stephie, the budgie is relentless in her search for a nesting spot. She tries to get inside the drawers, cabinets, closets, clothes hanging on the chairs… She has managed to squeeze herself into drawers and closets through the tiniest openings, and I had to search for her with my heart in my throat LOL! Manuel follows her around, and watches her from safe distance, loudly alarming me if she disappears for too long.

    I have learned to double check that all drawers and cabinet doors are always closed. But her imagination is limitless, and she finds a new spot to explore each day.

    It’s funny, how some days she is completely calm, and other days she is beside herself, and getting into every little opening she can find!

    And oh what a lovely spam it was! They are hoping you will get defensive and go to their site trying to dispute LOL.


    1. Oh no, haha! The birds are just going mad at this time of year, aren’t they? The unpredictability you mentioned is what gets me… One day nice as nice can be, the next a little monster attempting to excavate my couch cushions. I’ve learnt not to leave Ptak even a moment, or I WILL lose him!


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