Introducing Bobo, the Umbrella Cockatoo.

I said to myself, ‘No more new birds in the house…’ And I especially said, ‘No white cockatoos!’

But then I met Bobo.

So ::shuffle shuffle:: I guess this is his introductory post! His age is unknown, but he is definitely an adult. He spent two years locked in a greenhouse, although the time before that is unknown, lived with a nice family who have lots of birds already, and has since come to stay with us. We’ve had him for awhile by this point, but I couldn’t keep it a secret any longer, haha.

Bobo sings, chats, dances, and is even pretty quiet so far. Of course, it’s the honeymoon phase yet. Thankfully, our walls and roof are cement. The neighbours have not heard any of our birds! (My mind’s still blown about that.)

He’s not nervous at all, and is eating well and playing as though he’s been here for years! If he does feel nervous or afraid, he bluffs and reacts by lashing out – this definitely makes life interesting. You’ll be hearing more about him soon. I know what I’ve got into, and I’m going to use the blog to document our experiences with him.

In the meantime, the rest of the flock are enjoying a renewed honeymoon period as well! Mavi had a lovely time sitting on O.’s shoulder, begging for scratches and treats. All is peaceful here…

For now. 🙂

9 thoughts on “Introducing Bobo, the Umbrella Cockatoo.

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  1. I have an affinity for Toos, I think they are marvelous!!!!! Congrats, you have stepped up in the bird world. Remember the size of the beak does not determine how much it will hurt, be ust as careful with the little beaks and the big beaks. Also the bigger birds are not for shoulders, it allows them to feel dominate over you (not a good thing for a big big bird)


    1. I’ve always loved ‘toos as well! I just said no white ones… for all the good that did me, haha. They’re charming birds when they want to be! Thanks for the tips – I try not to let most of the birds (except maybe Ptak or Mishka) on my shoulders these days, as I really hate not being able to see their body language! Particularly when spring hormones are only kinda-sorta fading.


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