Cockatoo Cuddles.

Cockatoo cuddles are known for being unlike most parrots’ cuddles. They’re very… well, forceful… and very sweet. There’s something quite adorable about it. But I have a paranoia about keeping it ‘PG,’ so to speak. It’s pretty difficult when this 24″ bird pushes himself onto you with such insistence.

You might guess that we lot Bobo out today for the first time, just after we’d taken him into the back garden to catch some sun!

All went smoothly.

Enjoying the ‘sun.’ (It clouded over pretty much the instant we went outside.)

After we opened Bobo’s doors, we went and sat on separate couches, towels underneath us, and ignored him. This was advice from the Island Parrot Sanctuary, and it worked really well. If Bobo were to become afraid and go into attack mode, we would have been able to flap the towel, walking towards him until he stopped. He does love being towelled, though.

He spent about a minute on top of the cage, then clambered down and made a beeline for my feet.

We didn’t need to worry, because he immediately came and snuggled up to my ankles. After a bit, I went and sat on the other couch, and Bobo ended up in my lap, beak grinding.

Pretty much the most petrifying 20 seconds of my life, haha.
What. A. Ham.


I just wanted to include this because I think it's adorable.
I just wanted to include this because I think it’s adorable.

We did towel him to put him back – we being O. Bobo wasn’t keen on the idea, and attacked the blanket very briefly. He went home without any mishaps, though.

The only issue I’m having so far with Bobo is actually not while he’s out, but in. This is something he only does to me, not O., as when I walk past the cage, he attacks. If I have food, he’s fine, but sometimes he’ll lunge when I’m passing a few feet away. He cuddled with me whilst he was out (and I was very careful not to let him take it too far), but when he’s in his cage, he’ll actually crouch down and fly at me to attack should I dare touch the cage bars. Thankfully, the cage is secure… I can’t decide if this is territoriality. I talked to someone about male ‘toos, and it’s apparently pretty normal – most especially during breeding season. But then, I’d assume that Bobo would react the same way to O.?

Is O. actually the one he perceives as a mate? Unfortunately, I’m not great at reading Bobo yet, so I’m figuring things out slowly.

Anyway, the time out did him good today, and he really enjoyed it. Excited to let him out again tomorrow! Today was very brief, only 20 minutes, if that. We wanted to keep it positive.

And fear not! The other birds are getting all the attention they could possibly desire, too. Mishka still thinks it’s too much. She’d much rather we left her to her own devices.

Now what didn’t I think of that before…? Oh, wait.

This is the posture Bobo assumed when I was going out.
This is the posture Bobo assumed when he realised I was going out.
Beautiful blue parrotlet.
Beautiful blue parrotlet.
Can you spot the cockatiel?
A strange moment between Mavi and Ptak.

8 thoughts on “Cockatoo Cuddles.

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  1. Well done, so glad he behaved 🙂
    I love the photos especially the one he is strutting across the floor, was he singing?


    1. Nope! Just making a beeline for my feet. He did parade around on the floor for a bit like he did when we were at yours. No singing yet, though. He reserves that for when I leave the room.


  2. Somewhat unrelated – can’t tell form the pictures but, are the other two/three out in the same room as Bobo’s cage? I’d just have to warn about the very real toe-biting potential for an un-caged bird walking across a caged bird’s cage. Seen more of those than I’d like to admit…


    1. Hmm, in the one picture, Mavi is out beside Bobo’s cage. We’re pretty careful about that… learned a long time ago about vulnerable toes! Loose birds generally don’t spend a lot of time in the same room as the cages, and if they have to, they’re always closely supervised. I know that flighted birds are very quick, and accidents can and will happen, but we have everyone pretty well trained to land away from cages if they can. Thanks for writing!


  3. Lovely pictures as always, I love your flock its seems now you have obtained Bobo it is complete! Best of luck with training it must be tough!


    1. Aw, thank you! I think it IS complete – five is even my favourite (lucky?) number. Training is tough for me, baha, but Bobo catches onto things pretty much immediately. My god, that bird is smart.


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