Parrots Bring Laughter to Your Home.

The video is Bobo doing his strut for the camera yesterday. I was re-watching it today, and it made me laugh a little when I heard his feet go clickety-clack on our wood floor. You just can’t watch it without smiling at least a bit!

Well, my laugh cued the birds’ laughter. Ever since that moment, Bobo and Mavi have been setting each other off into fits of giggles.

Mavi mutters something, Bobo laughs, Mavi giggles, which makes Bobo laugh some more. Ptak chuckles belated from the other room, setting off Mishka’s evil cackle, and then I join in, which sets them all off again. I’m attempting to catch this hilarity on video as we speak. Unfortunately, the phone comes out and they either promptly stop (picture time is serious business, eh?) or make camera shutter noises. Sigh.

In the immortal words of my parrotlet, ‘You SILLY birds!’

9 thoughts on “Parrots Bring Laughter to Your Home.

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  1. OMG I die!!
    What can I say? I’m a sucker for anything with crest feathers. 😉 This just made me want a ‘too so badly…doubt that would go over well with Mother Dearest, though. Maybe in adult life. 🙂 They sound really sweet! (If a bit needy…)


    1. They are very, very sweet (aye, and needy)! Very noisy, too, and their cries sound like a dying woman’s screams, no joke. If you think they’re you want one in any seriousness, though, go to and check out what they have to say. If it doesn’t scare you off, you’re the perfect ‘too owner, haha! Bobo spent a good minute dangling from my kneecap today by his beak, so the real cockatoo in him emerged briefly. They are truly unpredictable.


  2. Hahahahahahahahahaha!!! Love it! He’s tap dancing! Or marching in a parade of some sorts! The sense of rythm… And the head movement… Hahahahahaa


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