Dealing With a Hormonal Cockatoo and His Bites.

I got Bobo out on my own today, and everything was going okay up until a point. We had been playing some relatively low-energy games and dancing/singing a bit, and I sat down on the couch. Of course Bobo had to join. I started to slowly realise that he was nesting in the fleece blanket beside me. Someone had warned me that this is a particularly territorial time for them, so I wasn’t about to let him.

I guess the real lesson is not to keep the fleece there. I had it beside me for towelling Bobo, as it calms him. I did this without issue, but didn’t have a great grip, so set him gently on the floor. He lunged, and I decided my best bet was to get the fleece and gently usher him away until he calmed and I could towel him again.

That was a great plan, except that a certain lovely white cockatoo didn’t agree. He wanted to nest! So he chomped his way up the blanket towards my fingers (literally two lunges), at which point I bent and got him to let go. Although I started walking towards him and flapping the blanket, he caught my kneecap and ground his beak in. He had something nasty in his beak (more than just skin) because it made a horrible crunching noise.

With a 1.5lb bird dangling by his beak from my leg, I went towards the door in silence and managed to call O. in a flat, unexcited voice. Bobo disengaged again and went for my calves when I turned my back on him, but at that point O. towelled him and quietly deposited him in his cage.

Turned our backs, and when he was calm, we left the room.

I swore that I was going to have tatters for a kneecap, but it was just black and blue, with a couple small punctures. Thankfully! Today is not the day to add my first Bobo scar to the collection. It will come soon enough. >_<

Least satisfying ‘wound’ ever, in terms of relative pain. Also… worst picture.

I kind of hoped it would look more horrific, haha. Having sensory processing disorder, I’m not the best judge of pain – light bumps are excruciating and a tattoo over a wrist tendon doesn’t cause any sensation at all. Bobo’s bite has swelled into a big lump, anyway.

All is well; I’m not upset with him, of course, just wish I knew how to handle it better. Walking towards him seemed to exacerbate things, in this case. Or maybe it’d have been worse if I didn’t? My new goal is to design body armour for ‘too owners! 😉 And to think , I was once leery of a bite from a cockatiel.


This looks fierce, but he was happily la-la-la’ing as he danced.



Mavi is tired after making some fabulous alterations on my pyjamas. Or maybe he’s laughing.

8 thoughts on “Dealing With a Hormonal Cockatoo and His Bites.

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  1. OW! I think you did the right thing with heading towards him, afterall any animal responds to threat. You dont want Bobo thinking he rules the roost and can get away with anything. If and when our birds challenge us, we dont back down otherwise they will think they have won. I know that a Too is a bit bigger than a budgie (granted) 😉 but boundaries need to be established dont they?!


    1. Yeah, he was attacking again today… We did the same thing, and managed to avoid any damage this time! I agree: gotta set boundaries. The birds’ hormones are going mad right now. Cannot WAIT for summer, haha!


  2. Sorry! I’ve gotten some pretty bad bites from my Goffin’s cockatoo, which was ill-mannered when I got him from a rescue organization. It has been about 3 years now, and he is much better. My new fear? That I will go deaf….


    1. Heh, I think I’m already hearing damaged from sitting in front of the flutes and brass instruments in orchestra. The biting will ease, I hope! Three years down, who knows how he’ll be. I can only hope he settles like your G2.


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