Cue the Colourful Metaphors.

Sooo… I broke my laptop.

Well, I tripped and spilt cider on it in a seriously freak accident, thereby damaging it beyond repair. I kept my writing (including six novels, two of which were in progress) and eight years of photographs on it, and – of course – it was my access to blogging, Skype, and the Internet. I didn’t have anything backed up because I was still searching for an external hard drive. Fortunately, the actual hard drive was salvaged, though the state of it is currently unknown. We’ll see what I can recover.

In the meantime, I think I’m undergoing the five stages of grief, haha. At first, I was completely in denial. I didn’t even freak out. Then I became very angry – how could I have friggin’ done that? Next, bargaining, which I kind of skipped, but there was a bit of trying to figure out the logistics for a time machine. I gave up quickly on that because… well, maths.

Depression, hell yes, I’m depressed about it. I spilt cider in passing on a Macbook Pro that I nursed through years of life with accident-prone me and my flock. It didn’t even have any damage from curious, bored parrots! Cue the melodramatic sighs and head-flinging. (No grieving is complete without dramatic head-flinging.)

And acceptance? Can I go back in time, please? Somehow? I’ll never, ever drink cider again. Not in the same building. Not in the same flat. Not in the same room as valuable electronics. Well, fine, not within 10 feet of computers, anyway.

Teleportation does sound nifty…

I guess it seems a bit silly to be so upset over a thing, but honestly, besides holding my work – which is important to me for obvious reasons – it was also my connection to home 3,600 miles away. I’m lucky enough to have access to O.’s computer, at least.

Of course, that does mean I’m currently stuck waiting for O. to be out of the house. He is on his computer a lot, composing and doing research, so I was thinking I’d get a tablet at this point. I can’t afford to replace my laptop for a long time, and a tablet happens to be more portable. Please note that I don’t think Apple products are ‘superior’ to PC by any stretch of the imagination, but save for this cider incident, I never had any issues with my Macbook Pro. Its predecessor, an HP laptop, died a horrible, sizzling death. No, my Macbook was fool-proof, and that was all I asked of it.

Any recommendations for tablets?

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  1. If you had a backup disc you could go back in time with Time Machine… Sorry, that no doubt just rubs salt in the wound. Fingers crossed you get it all back – it should be possible.


  2. There is a ton of data and opinions about tablets. I still cannot decide between apple microsoft surface. Both excellent products with similar negatives. Good luck! Try fernented cider, its good.


    1. I’m torn between those two as well! Or a Samsung. I will probably go for an iPad in the end, because although I’m not an Apple fanatic, I do think their products are good and reliable. Ooh, it was Irish cider – so not sure if that’s the same thing. It’s fizzy and alcholoic and delicious. I miss apple cider, from local orchards. Mmm…


  3. Oh GOD NO! That is terrible news 😦 that is a pain and am sorry to hear this) not sure about tablets as I dont venture from a laptop really. But do you have a smartphone you can use for the time being when O is on his laptop? Hope that helps :-/


    1. Thank you – I am bummed about the laptop, but salvaged everything vital! I do use my phone to read blogs, but it proves unreliable for posting or even liking things. At least it helps me stay relatively connected!


  4. I am so sorry!!!! 😦 Losing all one’s work is absolutely awful. Like, cry-and-smash-things awful. No helpful tablet reccomendations, but–though this seems kinda silly, since we’re talking about an electronic–my condolences. 😦 I really hope you can get the important stuff recovered! 😦 (I have all the frowns now…)


    1. Aww, thanks! I got it all back, so, so, so thankful. I was absolutely petrified as my boyfriend worked everything out… but all is well. Do miss the laptop, though, ahaha.


  5. How horrible! Here’s hoping you can recover your hard disk. I can certainly sympathize… this is why I have TWO external hard drives backing up everything. Good luck!


  6. Just now getting around to reading your posts, so I’m late in the game for comments. GLAD you got everything back. I use a Seagate external backup drive and your incident reminded me that I need to back up more often! I would be lost without my laptop which is 9 years old!! I have a nook for simple things but in my opinion, nothing is like a keyboard. I can do so much more quicker by laptop than I can by nook, which is not saying much because it’s no Ipad! I have a friend who has an Ipad and loves it more than her laptop. Guess, you’ll have some researching to do! Once again, very happy you recovered your files!


    1. I’ve learnt my lesson and will always back up now! Glad I reminded you, haha, I’d hate for anyone else to go through that. I recently bought a little box thing to put my hard drive into, turning it into an external – small blessings, I suppose… And no more excuses. As to tablet or laptop, I am like you: I like a keyboard, but am not opposed to portability. I’ll just have to go play with some tablets, really. Thanks for stopping by!


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