31 Day Bird Blogging Challenge – Day 1


I keep seeing lots of blogging challenge things circulating through WordPress, but they never quite fit what I blog about – the birds. So I made my own. It’s not as fancy as the ones other people have made, but I just used Paint, haha. I figure having this will give me something easy to blog about every day.

Who would like to join me in my homemade bird blogger’s challenge? (The title, if you didn’t notice, is designed in Ptak’s colours. Just wanted to put that out there. :D)

Day one is an intro and recent photo.

We have four birds in our flock: Canary, cockatiel, parrotlet, and senegal. I’m American currently based in Scotland (for now), and O. is an Englishman. Our flock started with two canaries and quickly expanded.

We call Pip ‘Tummy Bird.’

Mishka was our first parrot and the inspiration for this blog. She’s a terror most some days, but we love her.

Yeah, her cage papers need a clean.

Ptak is my baby bird, which he regularly evidences by whispering it. Actually, he never shuts up… Not that I mind.


Mavi is our adorable Sennie. He makes endless silly noises at me, although he doesn’t speak much. He does say Mavi, Maverick, Mavi-bat, good bird, Mav-bird, and a few other things, but really he’s best at whistling and mimicking household noises.


And then there’s Bobo, who not-so-recently-anymore went to live at a sanctuary.

Island Parrot Sanctuary 059
Because he’s cray-zay.

13 thoughts on “31 Day Bird Blogging Challenge – Day 1

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  1. I’m really starting to like Senegal parrots. I love their eyes, they are so intense…”crazy eyes” 🙂
    If we didn’t already have three in our flock I would adopt one…or maybe the really friendly Jenday I have seen a couple of times at the shop…Gahh!! so many nice birds out there 🙂


    1. Intense about describes it! I only recently learnt that sennie flirting is done largely with the eyes, too. Maverick is very expressive with them anyway.

      Jenday! Jenday! Haha, I love suns and Jendays, they’re probably ‘dream’ birds, despite the noise. Of course, I am partial to Senegals as well…!


  2. Silly WordPress putting things in my mouth! 🙂 This “reblog” post was a fluke and can be deleted, but in the Pingback below I mention your site in my latest update. I really have enjoyed finding your blog, and visiting your resources. Thank you for sharing~


    1. Aww, thanks so much for the pingback! I’m really excited to find your blog, as I adore finches. 😀 Always glad to find more birdie blogs in general, too!


      1. Any time! Thanks for having such an awesome bird blog to reference and link to! I’ve been looking for more bird blogs and writers, I had begun to think there really weren’t any besides the scientists, behaviorists and vets.

        I’m so glad to hear you like Finches! 🙂 I think your flock is so beautiful if I haven’t said it already, I would love to have the big birds that you do!


        1. Hehe, thanks, they think so too! 😉 I would love to have a zebra finch – their vocalisations are adorable. I’ve got a special place in my heart for the small birds, as amazing as our big(ger) ones are.


        2. I say the same about my flock! They are pretty full of themselves without me relaying any compliments. We have a wide range of male songs here. When you make it back to the states I will have to send you a celebratory welcome home pair! 🙂 They are different from the bigger beauties in a lot of ways but they do have big hearts just like all birds do and big personalities to match.


        3. Oooh, I would love to buy a pair from you, but my parents would kill me! I’m moving back home with them, and they’re worried about the parrots, haha. I think more birds might be a bit too much. I’ll keep you in mind for the future, however, as I would definitely like to add some finches to my flock when the time comes!


        4. Lol I understand! That would probably not go over very well I can imagine. I would love to see you add some Finch friends to your feathered flock. 🙂 Hopefully soon! I also wish I hadn’t already donated this year, I would have loved to have been able to help with your fundraiser. Hopefully by the time I scare up some funds soon you will still be needing them!


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