Blog challenge – Day 2.


15 Facts about the flock.

1. Ptak weighs just 30 grams and is the smallest of the birds. He can sit on the edge of two sheets of A4 printer paper without bending them.

2. Mishka makes camera noises when she wants her photo taken.

3. We think she likes the camera because it means hands-off attention.

4. Mavi has started making a Beaker (as in Muppets) noise when we enter the room.

5. Pip, our canary, and Charlie were actually the one to teach Mishka that it’s safe to eat veggies. For many weeks, our ‘tiel thought they were POISON.

6. Mishka’s love of hemp has recently replaced her adoration for millet.

7.  Mavi and Ptak don’t get on when you’re watching… but if they think you’re not, they’ll sneakily preen one another.

8. Pip gets really excited when the sun comes out, wanting to come out for a fly. A big change from when a sun beam would fall on her and she’d jump.

9. Ptak likes to play chase. He gleefully shouts peekaboo as he flies after you.

10. Mishka is the most neurotic of the birds, and often flies to attack us when food is involved.

11. She’s also, oddly enough, one of the birds that I trust with strangers.

12. Ptak is the other bird trusted with strangers. Mavi is slowly earning that privilege back, too.

13. Mavi likes to play with shoes (baby shoes, preferably, but also ours) and miniature tennis ball cat toys. He’s recently discovered a love of wooden toys.

14. Pip’s new favourite thing is bath time. She likes to bathe in a shallow cat’s dish with a piece of something green at the bottom, all while being spritzed with a mister.

15. Listening to something playing from the iPhone speakers instantly calms Ptak. He particularly loves listening to parrotlet videos, but it seems that any audio at all works.

16. Bobo bonus! He (apparently) intentionally climbs onto the aviary roof to poop on Friday, one of his flock mates at the IPS. Friday likes to wind the others up…

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