Day 5 – 10 Things My Flock Loves to Eat.


There are a couple of favourites in the house right now, but as always, the birds will love something one week and dump it over the edge of the bowl it the next. For instance, yesterday I served up a big bowl of fresh fruits and veggies into everyone’s cages. Each had strawberries, mini corn,  romaine lettuce, rocket, grapes, blueberries, carrots, chickpeas, and garden peas still in the pod. These are all proven hits with most of the birds… But as I sat down next to Ptak to encourage him to sample something more than just the berries, I heard a distinct thud.

As I looked up, there was another. Thud.

Mavi was purposefully dropping things out of his bowl. Thud. The strawberries joined the mini corn and carrots on the grate of his cage. As I watched, he gave me a distinct look of disdain, as if I should have known today the carrots and mini corn were no good!

Once his task was seen to, Maverick selected a grape and tucked in with an air of accomplishment.

Fresh fruit is always a hit with the birds here, especially at this time of year when it tends to be hotter. Many fruits can even be frozen into ice cubes as a cooling treat. Sometimes our flock get citrus mixed in with their usual medley, although I tend to be sparing with it. Currently, Maverick absolutely loves pomegranate and blueberries, sometimes raspberries, and anything to do with peas. I’ve been introducing plums recently, and have plans to get some beetroot!

When it comes to vegetables, the birds definitely prefer warm things more, which makes sense. They wouldn’t find cold things very often in the wild. Plus warmed foods are comforting, similar to what’s stored in a mate’s or parent’s crop. Our flock particularly enjoy steamed carrots or peas. I like to leave the peas in the pod and serve cool, as well, since this counts as a foraging activity. Fresh broccoli, cucumber, kale, spinach, and rocket are particular favourites with Pip and Mishka, and they’ll eat them raw.

Chickpeas, whole grain pasta or rice, sweet potato mash, and quinoa are great for mixing other things into, such as finely chopped greens or cooked beans. Bobo used to love chickpeas and banana while he was here – possibly his two favourites, besides his morning toast and random bits of cheese as a bribe.

Whole grain toast with low-fat spread or peanut butter is popular; scrambled or hard boiled eggs with the shell, or even a piece of cooked chicken on the bone all go down well, too. The marrow is really good for them.

Tonight, I’m serving everyone a piece of salmon with a tiny bit of baked potato plus skin.

I haven’t exactly given a one-to-ten list, but the flock’s favourites are all mixed in there, haha.

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  1. Mine do the exact same thing looking at the whole time as if I should have psychic knowledge of the days preference. I think mine drop their food on the floor to feed the dogs, especially my IR, he nibbles what he wants and then plop or thud straight on top of a dog under the cage.
    I try to change up the “chop” to reduce burn out on any one item.


    1. That look! I’ll never get over it… It truly is disdainful. Hmm, Ptak and Mavi will soon be able to feed my parents’ dogs… Wonder how that’ll go down with the family, haha. We try to vary things here too, but some days an old favourite will offend!


  2. Thanks for the wonderful idea! I have a half-bowl of fruit salad left over from a pot-luck dinner. I’m going to freeze it in cubes for summer snacking! Thanks.


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