Day 6 – My Dream House Revolves Around… Birds!


My dream bird room is definitely more of a dream house. I would actually design a home around my birds’ needs, yes. There would be a spacious room downstairs with an accessible aviary and/or screened area, nearby shower room, tall ceilings, tiled floor, windows with screens and good blackout curtains, and a good pattern on the wall to disguise any missed splatters of food. Oh, and the guest bedroom would be above the bird’s room to discourage visitors. 😉 If I could, I would design a huge glass central aviary inside my house. But I figure that’s not likely to happen in this lifetime!

As to my dream bird room itself, it would be designed so the flock could spend unsupervised time out – assuming they weren’t out in the aviary. Sure, there would still be tempting walls to chew, but I’d make one of those enormous suspended play gyms and fill the entire room with enrichment, and because it’s my house, O. would be responsible for fixing it I wouldn’t worry too much about any damage.

It’ll be nice to one day own my own property and not completely panic about the birds’ stealthy advances on the walls and door frames. Mishka will notice something she wants to chew, and clearly knows she’s not allowed. She’ll pick something up (say, a piece of vegetable or paper or a whole crisp packet) and casually wander nearer whilst holding whatever it is she has in her mouth. When she’s close enough – quick! Drop the object and try to get in a good gnaw before the humans intervene.

Cheeky birds.

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