Day 8 – and My 150th Post!


Day 8, what’s in my fridge for the flock:

We have grapes, strawberries, blueberries, bananas (well, on the counter, but hey), garden peas, broccoli, mini corn, corn, rocket, romaine and iceberg lettuce, tuna fish, chickpeas, soy milk. And that’ll last them… oh, a few days, anyway.

And because this seems like a meagre amount for my 150th post, here’s a wee birdie story to go along with it: A few days ago O. was away at work and I got up late, choosing to leave them all in their sleeping cages while I got food bowls together for breakfast. All was quiet as the birds slowly roused themselves.

Then the bedroom was filled with sudden birdie laughter: Mavi giggled, and Ptak and Mishka quickly joined in.

I tried to ignore them, but their mirth escalated.

‘What are you doing, Maverick?’ I said over my shoulder, suspicious.

My words were met with more hysterical giggling.

I dried my hands and rushed in, and lo and behold, there was Mavi free on the top of his cage, looking pleased as could be. The top of his cage was propped open, evidence of his escape.

‘HI, MAVI!’ he said, lifting his foot for an up.

Good thing he’s cute.

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