Days 16-19 – Survival Tips for Life With Parrots (And More).


Day 16: The meaning behind my blog’s name.

Ha! Well, I had no idea what to name it at the time, despite having had the idea for the blog itself for ages. I’m a student – or was, then, anyway – and have birds. Yup. Somehow, when it comes to making a decision like a name or title, I always lose the creative flow. Perhaps someday I’ll re-name.

Day 17: Ways the birds drive me mad.

Actually, the flock don’t irritate me very often. Some days, it’s like the entire lot of them have gulped down a full bottle of annoying pills or something, though, because they’ll be well-behaved angels one day, and all attempting to push my buttons the next. They do this intentionally, singing their loudest, highest notes, biting at inopportune moments, and running away when I need them to do something.

Mishka can be very aggressive in the living room. That’s just her chosen territory, I guess, because she attacks us randomly. Full on attacks, mind you, slamming her body into our faces, claws extended, out to kill. Thankfully, she’s very small. She also likes to tuck her head into O.’s hair when he’s in the study. If he moves, he gets bitten.

Ptak becomes very possessive over the mouse or keyboard when I’m tying – not otherwise. It can be frustrating, as all I want to do is work. I put down the technology, and poof, he goes off to play on his own. Pick anything up again, and there he is to ‘supervise’ immediately. He also has a new-found love of empty Skittles bags, and sits (nesting) beside them. Do not so much as look at him, or he’ll puff himself into an adorable 30 grams of fury.

And, in general, the thing I like least about parrots happens to be a sad fact of life: They hide their illnesses. Ever since Charie died, I live in terror of spotting the flock on the bottoms of their cages. Pip fell asleep on the grate of hers a few nights ago. Scared the living crap out of me! She was fine; I kept a very close eye on her afterwards. For some odd reason, sleeping on the cage bottom was the thing to do. It reminded me, though, of how much I hate the fact that birds pretend to be well at all costs.

Day 18: My best parrot survival tip.


Haha, well, besides investing in some hearing protection for you and any other two-legs in your family, my best tip would be to remember that no matter what other bird owners say and how they say it, a particular method or path often isn’t the only one of merit. There are lots of legitimate ways to raise healthy, happy pet birds.

In a vaguely similar line of thought, no amount of research concerning your bird’s health is too much – but once you make your decision, don’t be afraid to stick with it. Go with your research and your instincts, discuss and debate, and enjoy owning birds! It doesn’t have to be all stress and thoughtfulness.

Day 19: Five or so enjoyable birdie blogs!

Lately, I’ve been reading a few new blogs – enjoy!

There are some old favourites listed under ‘bird blogs’ in my Links of Interest, above, too!

5 thoughts on “Days 16-19 – Survival Tips for Life With Parrots (And More).

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  1. This was such a joy to read, and thank you so much for the shout out! I definitely appreciate my little birds a lot more when I read about the crazy antics that some of the bigger (or slightly bigger) birds will find themselves in. Not being able to get a pair to use a specific kind of nest box sounds like a joke compared to a Cockatiel trying to kill your face as you’re watching tv. Ah, perspective.

    And too funny that I picked the same topic as today! I should have double checked but I like it as a happy coincidence anyway 🙂 You picked some perfectly worded tips that are so very helpful and important for all animal owners – couldn’t have said it better! Don’t you just love it when our feathered pets give us little panic attacks? If I had a nickle for every time I’ve freaked out thinking one of my birds was injured or dying when really they were probably laughing at me (esp. at first!).. well we’d all be living in a birdie mansion.


    1. Aw, thank you! I could use a birdie mansion, you know, I feel like the birds should start paying up! Hahaha, they’d benefit. I personally love the little birds more and more, me – after Mishka the ‘tiel and Bobo the U2 constantly trying to kill me, I deeply appreciate my canary. 😉


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