New Blog Theme – What Do You Think?

Hmm, I’ve decided that I need to interject a little more colour into my blog. What do you think of the theme?

It feels like I’ve only just changed it, but I stumbled across this on my WordPress reader and quite liked it! I’m definitely a black and white kind of girl, so choosing a feminine and relatively colourful theme is new for me. My only worry is that the femininity will take away from my credibility as a writer and blogger. I mean, I often choose topics that I want people to take seriously… It may be back to Book Lite yet, haha.

Whilst I’m off-topic, I’d like to say a huge, huge thank you to everyone who donated to my get-the-birds-home fund. We raised $260. 😀 I apologise for not posting something sooner, but I’ve been rushing around like a madwoman trying to sort paperwork and prepare everything for the move.

Here is a sincere thank you to everyone who helped out. You’ve made it possible for me to get these crazy ones home!



7 thoughts on “New Blog Theme – What Do You Think?

Add yours

  1. I love it! I think the colors are lovely and it works well with your blog 🙂 And congrats on getting the flock home! I’m sorry I didn’t find out about your endeavor in enough time to be of any help. But I’m glad it worked out anyway~


    1. 😀 Thanks! And that means a lot; I’m just so relieved that they’re going with me. I thought I’d drop dead when I heard the price of shipping and quarantine combined…!


      1. Any time! I’ve traveled a lot with my flock in the past & I can’t imagine going to cross a state border & having to pay a small fortune just to get to home with my birds. I would be livid! You are truly a wonderful parront for being so dedicated. 🙂


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