Days 23-25 – Dream Birds, Sleep, and Memories.


I realised most of the way through this challenge that I cut out day number 21 when the challenge image was moved into column format! Whoops. I can’t remember what it even was, so I guess I’ll make something up.

Day 23: Dream bird?

My list is endless, really, haha. I love them all. Truly, I’d love to adopt a hyacinth or Lear’s macaw. Or, if they weren’t so endangered, a Spix macaw… Or a greenwing. And I found out while volunteering at a rescue that I really get on with Greys – so I eventually hope to bring home a CAG or TAG. I know O. would be happy with that, haha.

Island Parrot Sanctuary 108
Greenwing macaw.

I know now that umbrella cockatoos are out, as are Galahs, Major Mitchells, and all other ‘toos. Beautiful and charming as these parrots are, I like my bones intact! I would be happy to foster any bird temporarily, however, and once I own my own place, I will certainly be working with rescues more in that regard.

What’s your ‘dream bird’?

Day 24: An old photo.

IMG_0674 IMG_1606 IMG_1699 IMG_3080 IMG_3935

Day 25: Flock sleeping arrangements.

They sleep in our bedroom. Mishka has to sleep free. She has three preferred places, including the home-made java tree perch that O. made her, and the top of the wardrobe. Ptak sleeps in his round cage, and heΒ hasΒ to be covered, or he just won’t go to sleep. Pip sleeps in her big cage, covered as well. Mavi has a smaller cage beside the bed. We drape it with a couple heavy towels.

The birds didn’t always go to bed in the same room as us, but since the Scottish summer days last so long and start so early, we decided it was best to keep them in a place that we can darken. They also seem to appreciate the flock behaviour of going to sleep at the same time.

12 thoughts on “Days 23-25 – Dream Birds, Sleep, and Memories.

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  1. If i could have an african grey, i would be so happy… but i would have to learn a lot more about taking care of these creatures. Personally, i connect better with the ‘free’ birds in my community… like the crow family that swoop me whenever i wear black, or the starling that imitates an eagle whenever he’s surrounded by birds larger than he is. Do you have any amusing birds living where you are?


    1. Hmm, I know what you mean – they Greys are so complex. When I was volunteering, though, I worked in the disabled Grey aviary (for ill or severely abused birds who are undergoing various treatments) and a handful of them quietly joined me and began to interact with me. They were all shy at first, but warmed up very quickly. Out of all the birds there, I felt kind of… drawn… to them the most!

      I love wild birds, too. That’s too funny about the crows! They are funny ones. I haven’t encountered many birds here where I’m at currently, but at home we have a number of characters, including a little wren who throws out all the seeds that he doesn’t like, and some Carolina Chickadees who will eat from your hands if you stand there long enough. There’s also a mockingbird who sings outside my window at random times in the morning. I’m not a fan of him so much, haha. It’s definitely fun to bird-watch.


    1. You’re probably wiser than me! Most people find birds intimidating, if not gross, I’ve started to find. They also tend only to recognise macaws (like the red one in my post), or budgies. So I’d be out walking Bobo the cockatoo and they’d stop to comment on what a beautiful budgie he is. Just makes me smile!


      1. LOL…
        I don’t dislike birds, just never kept any, even as a kid.
        Would like a nice parrot for he kids maybe



        1. Hmm, well, if you were seriously considering it, I’d contact the Island Parrot Sanctuary in Oban. They are fantastic there, and it’s a very scenic journey there! They’re only open a few days a year, but if you went up, you’d be able to preview what it looks like once parrots reach maturity. They are complex animals! x


        2. I have family in Oban, handy! I have been there a ton of times, very posh part of Scotland,

          Thanks for that!!


  2. What a lovely, and fun, entry! Thank you for visiting my blog. I will enjoy coming here and learning. πŸ™‚


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