Bobo the Umbrella Cockatoo Update.

I apologise for being so horribly, horribly lax with my posts – I’ve been a bit glum, I admit, as I’m leaving Scotland very soon. Didn’t want to moan too much. I have lots of posts to come, and will of course finish my blog challenge! In the meantime, enjoy a clip of our Bobo boy and his flockmate, Friday! You might want to keep your volume low. Bobo is very happy at the Sanctuary. He has made improvement in leaps and bounds, and we’re all so proud of him.

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  1. What a sweet heart he is. With his girl or boy Friday (ala Robinson Crusoe). Can feel that tinge of bittersweet at your impending leave of Scotland. It’s great that Bobo is happy there!


    1. Hehehe, Bobo looks like an angel, doesn’t he? He knows how to play that up, but secretly he is a menace! We adore him anyway. Friday is a completely mad boy. I’m sad to leave here, but thankful Bobo is in the best possible place!


    1. They were winding each other up at one point where I was filming here, and at the end, I’m pretty sure that’s Bobo cursing at Friday! But Bobo looked fantastic. He has, I believe, taken done something to the door of security porch? He and Rosie were back there playing when we arrived, haha.


    1. He is smitten! His best friend is actually Rosie the Galah… Not sure if you can see her in this video. They are partners in crime, and have taken off the safety-porch door together. When we arrived, the pair of them crept out of there to say hello with these completely innocent, matching expressions. Seeing him so happy definitely tells me it was the right choice, especially as I’m moving soon. Poor Bo would have injured the airport staff, haha.


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