I realised today that I haven’t blogged since my arrival – nearly three weeks ago. It both does and doesn’t feel as though it’s been so long. But it’s definitely time to return to blogging again.

What have I been up to? Well, the birds haven’t arrived yet as we’re waiting on the last piece of paperwork to import them, so I’ve been helping do up the house: painting, redecorating, and generally giving everything good clean. It’s kept me busy thus far.

Having no birds is strange, but fear not: The cats and dogs of the house have temporarily claimed my time.

Mostly this one, Koko.

Raindrops and kitties 130
This looks like a normal picture, but then you notice his back leg. What is he doing? I don’t know, either.

Most of Koko’s photographs look something along the lines of these:

Raindrops and kitties 011 Raindrops and kitties 004 Raindrops and kitties 018

There is also Muffin, fondly known as Bear.

Raindrops and kitties 033
She doesn’t photograph well.

And Mika – a.k.a. Pikasaur.

Photo credit to my mum.

Finally. Bauldur, who I mostly call Thing.

Raindrops and kitties 120

You can consider them the temporary cast of Students with Birds. I could change the site name, but Unemployed Graduate Living with Cats and Dogs just doesn’t have quite the same ring to it… Plus, I have high hopes that the birds will be here soon! And maybe that one day not too terribly far in the future, I’ll be enrolling for a second degree in Avian Behaviour.

I mention this because I’ve found what I want to do in this world, something that might make a little bit of difference. This, this thing… it’s largely unrelated to performance, but that’s okay. University taught me many skills – mainly how to use your music in this current industry. (Hint: You probably won’t ‘make it’ performing – best learn to gig and apply for funding.)

I want to start a parrot sanctuary and rehabilitation centre.

It is a very long-term prospect, obviously. I need to get working, saving, and researching. In the meantime, O. has some plans of his own that tie into a sanctuary, but that’s a secret! 😉

I guess if I started my own centre, I’d want to have a twin focus: offering birds who can’t live with people a forever-home type situation in aviaries, while at the same time rehabilitating less ‘damaged’ birds for adoption. Because of the great need out there, offering a permanent home to every bird just isn’t possible. I know of the risks (like taking in too many inhabitants) – but that’s why there’s much more research to be done.

And our sanctuary would of course be promoting the education of both potential and current bird owners. I’d personally work to convince owners to abandon the idea of keeping birds as pets, and instead to provide aviaries where the animals would be encouraged to be birds. At the same time, I would also continue the work of current rescues and teach people about the importance of good diet, training, enrichment, sunlight, and foraging.

I know that owning and running a rescue would not be easy. When I last visited the Island Parrot Sanctuary to see Bobo – right before my departure – O. and I both discussed the good and bad of starting something like that. It’s not all flowers and rainbows, and we know that… In fact, it’s mostly bird poop and vicious bites… But it still needs to be done.

Raindrops and kitties 043
Maverick agrees.

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  1. I’ve worked at and with several… it’s tough. You can even ask their directors! Seems the ones that really have the best go at it are the ones that are well-funded from the very start. The rescues that try to scrape by on a day-by-day basis don’t seem to fare that well these days.


  2. I should also add, I’ve seriously looked into and considered starting a parrot sanctuary here in the US. I’ve found several pockets in the US void of animal rescues but live too far away from those areas to relocate and don’t exactly have a “nest egg” to invest if I could get there anyway 😦


    1. No, I definitely don’t imagine it makes life pleasant to scrape by with birds to care for. I have a lot of research to do, and I’m getting involved with parrot rescues here. It’s a terrifying thought to start something of my own; I’ve talked a lot with the IPS in Scotland… They have been honest about the trials and hardships. Last time I was up, they discovered a serious health issue in one of their macaws as a result of his previous abuse. He needed to be put down. I saw how devastated the owners were – and how they had to se that aside. It was a small sample of what’ll await, I know. But I want to do it anyway.

      Where would you put a rescue, if you could – out of curiosity? We can team up, haha. Maryland has a wonderful avian rescue here that perhaps I can work with, so I think this would be a good place to set something up. Even if I can’t start a sanctuary, per say, I’ll still work to provide what the IPS provides for their birds. I just wish I could make more of a difference, you know?

      Thanks for stopping by!


      1. Yeah I do know 😉

        I’ve always thought the South East was lacking places. Especially the area from Charleston SC to Northern FL. It’s a shame too, the weather and climate are perfect for tropical birds and heating bills wouldn’t be an issue.

        I know southern MD has The Garuda Aviary in… Poolsivlle, I think? Then Virginia has Project Perry, about 2 hours south of DC and NC has Phoenix Landing towards the western border of the state. Past that, you have to wait until you get to around central/southern FL before you come across any more reputable places 😦

        My choices would be Charleston or Savannah 😀

        Unfortunately, I don’t live there and I can’t just uproot to move after living off of non-profit wages for the past 8 years.*sigh*


  3. It sounds like a great idea! We need more people able to do this– is isn’t something everyone can do. Is it too big for Kickstarter?


    1. I think it might be too big – I’m imagining that I’d need some kind of governmental funding or something, but that’s why there’s research to be done. Fingers crossed. These birds definitely need someone, and I hope I can do it!


  4. Sounds like a great idea, there are so many birds out there needing help.
    Love the cats and dogs, hopefully Ptak and Mavi will be with you soon.


  5. Enjoyed your entry, and you aspire to a noble cause. Rescue, sanctuary, and rehab, for any animal, is a very difficult undertaking. The photos are beautiful. However, I know you must be anxious for your birds!


    1. Aww, thanks! I can’t wait for the birds to arrive. Not having them around makes me wish even more that I could start a sanctuary here and now. It is such a daunting prospect… But I think I’m just about crazy enough to do it, haha.


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