A Parrot (and Family) in Need.

Puffy is a beautiful, good-natured, and loving greater sulfer crested cockatoo who has had a devastating accident. Her health from her past wasn’t good – she had serious internal damage from the bad diet she was fed before being re-homed – but it is and was slowly improving. Unfortunately, however, this sulfur-crested cockatoo had a fall that placed her in critical condition at the vet.


Although Puffy is insured, the vet bill will be enormous – more than the insurance will pay. Any funds you could contribute at this difficult time of year would help, even one pound or dollar. Her owners love her very much. Puffy, like many cockatoos, has had a difficult past before arriving into her new owner’s arms. This cockatoo is an incredibly lucky bird, as her family are doing everything they can for her.

There were several moments where it appeared she might not make it, but Puffy is a fighter. She has pulled through so far, despite the odds against her. X-rays at the vet have shown that the internal organ swelling from her old diet has continued to go down, and also that – heart-achingly – she has old breaks in her bones that were never treated (from her previous life). Puffy is trying to perch now, although this is extremely difficult for her, and is fighting to live with every ounce of her being.

Please, consider helping this exceptional bird. She’s not out of danger yet – she needs a lot of love, care, meds, and treatment – but she’s battled her way thus far.

Click here to help Puffy the greater-sulfur crested cockatoo and her family. Anything you can spare is appreciated; even positive thoughts and prayers counts as helping!

Happy holidays!

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