Our Love for These Animals.

I don’t know where to start.

We lost Mishka the cockatiel on 31 December 2013. There are no words.

She got trapped in a door as she tried to slip in.

We are heartbroken.

And I share because I want readers to take something from this. I thought for the briefest, shocked moment that perhaps we should have clipped her wings. Then I realised my response should not be ‘she should have been clipped,’ because that doesn’t address the problem. This happened because parrots simply aren’t pets. They don’t belong in our homes, with swinging doors and hot pans and glass windows – and this is the terrible risk we take by daring to keep them. Clipping creates as many problems as it ‘solves,’ and in my mind, we should not rob birds of what they’re evolved to do. Yet there is no good solution.

Accidents happen even in the most careful and loving of homes, clipped or un-clipped. We can only do our best for these beautiful captive animals. They exist, and we strive to take care of them, yet sometimes our love cannot be enough.

So search your heart, and ask if you truly think parrots are meant as pets in human homes. Our sweet, crazy cockatiel is proof enough otherwise, I think; a heart-rending casualty despite the best intentions. Perhaps I will post some pictures later, but not right now.

We love her, and will always remember her as our first beautiful, wild, amazing parrot – the inspiration for this blog.

It doesn’t seem possible.

Give your fur and feathers a hug and a kiss tonight, and remember to take extra care when performing even the most mundane of activities.

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  1. This could happen to any of us who have animals, yet it is so heartbreaking. So sorry for your loss. Many hugs and sympathies.


  2. I want to give my condolences out to you. This is an accident and is very very sad. Things happen but that does not mean we cannot have animals/pets such as birds or other animals. Things happen in life and we just learn from our mistakes and press on, what choice do we have? I lost my daughter in 08but that does not mean that I cannot have any other kids if u know what i mean. I have had 2 kids thereafter and without them IDK where I would be. I know it’s not the best time or right time but don’t lose hope in wanting another bird. Things happen beyond our control! My bird cannot fly at the moment as she flew into my bathroom 2 weeks ago and decided to do whatever it was she did with my childrens bath cup. End results were that she was on the floor next to the cup (i’m assuming she somehow fell with the cup landing on top of her) and her wing is sprained. This was a mere couple seconds, she is a FAST flyer. Thankgod it’s not broken but she won’t be able to fly for another week or so. Freak accidents do happen and each animal has their own personality just like people do. There are other birds who seek death, I know it’s weird but if you read other peoples tragic accidents on other forums you will clearly see that this is not your fault even though I know you feel bad and certain measures and precautions could have been taken/done. So with that said, someones bird just loved loved LOVED the toilet…one day they forgot to close the toilet and BAM..nomore bird. They still had the other 2 left however and of course the remaining birds probably mourned for their friend. Another instance, a girl slept with her bird and suffocated it. Another, someone went on car rides with their bird, didn’t keep track of the bird in the car and BAM shut the car door…do I need say more? So please do not be too hard on yourself. Gbless and hope you recover fast from this incident…maybe purchasing another bird would help heal you in ways unimaginable, everyone ticks differently and I know it would help me but that’s just me. I would donate a bird to you but my baby is still a baby so no clutch for me atm. Again, sorry to hear this and sorry for your loss. IT is hard to go through. Time may not heal all wounds but it sure does help a bit.


    1. That really means a lot, and thank you. It’s been difficult for me to process, being 3,600 miles away from my partner when it actually happened, and I know that I’ll recover eventually. Your words put it into perspective – losing a daughter can’t compare to losing a pet, much as our pets mean to us. So scary about your bird, but I’m glad she’s okay! They are SO fast, aren’t they? And some really do seem to ‘seek’ death.

      I will adopt another cockatiel, I think, in time. I have had for a long time this feeling that they’re not pets. I LOVE birds, love owning them, but I’ve worked at the Island Parrot Sanctuary, and that was my first chance to really understand what I’d been feeling about that. It’s a radical view, but I don’t condemn people who believe otherwise (after all, separate views is what makes us all so diverse and wonderful!). I do believe in helping people who do choose to buy or breed, so that safe info is available online. Adoption is also my ‘solution’ to my beliefs – I try to push this as much as possible. I’d far rather people come here for information on how to buy a bird, than withhold such information and have them go to less than stellar breeders. And I’m thankful for our other birds. Two of them are moving to join me soon, and I can’t wait! Mishka was just very special, and she’ll always have a place in my heart.

      Thanks again!


  3. It’s my biggest fear. That someone will step on Basil while she decides to creep around the floor in a stealth mode, even though she’s always been flighted.
    Accidents do happen to pets and humans alike, and often there is no way to avoid them. I feel very sorry for your loss, it must be heartbreaking.


    1. Thank you – it’s been a paranoia of mine for a long time, and I am sad to say it was justified. I think that accidents will always happen, though, not matter how careful we are. It is really hard to imagine life without her.


  4. I have just been catching up on blogs and I’m very sorry to hear about Mishka. We lost a loved bird to an accident in the home and ever since I am hyper vigilant of where they are when they are out of their cages. I felt terrible and, felt I deserved to feel terrible because I had allowed it to happen due to my carelessness, but time heals the pain and I hope you can remember her for all the good times you had together.


    1. Aw, thank you – and thanks for stopping by. I know what you mean about hyper vigilance. Losing a pet is never easy, but our parrots are a whole new level of ‘companion.’ I’ll never forget our cockatiel, that’s for sure.


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