Bird Visitors


Had a friendly little visitor to my garden yesterday morning. This homing pigeon got a little lost on his journey from Ohio to New Jersey. They apparently will often stop to rest for up to two or three days in a row, but this one picked a bad spot. Our property is up against wilderness and a small wooded area, so we have all kinds of predators, including pets, hawks, feral cats, coyotes, owls, foxes, etc. All would be happy to munch a pigeon.

I made friends with him by offering him some safflower from our treat stash, plus a little pan of fresh water. He then followed me around for a bit on the ground and had a nap. I didn’t think he seemed sick or injured, just tired and hungry.

When he didn’t leave by dinner time, I got a cat carrier, tossed some seed in, and in he went. I christened him Nigel.

In any event, dear Nigel (after contacting Animal Control and the local club of his owner) is on his way home to New Jersey. Websites usually suggest leaving these birds alone if they appear to be okay, but since this one refused to get off the ground, we all decided he needed a little help! Happy endings all around.

Side note: I washed thoroughly after contact with the strange bird, and my flock never came into contact with him – very important!

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  1. I’m glad the club owner took the pij back. Too many of them just don’t care. If you’re not familiar with MickaCoo, the pig and dove rescue in the San Francisco area, I suggest you check them out on Facebook. They really are amazing, and I’ve learned so much about these incredible birds from them. Unfortunately, I’ve also learned how rotten humans can be to them, but at this point, nothing surprises me anymore. So I focus on the happy endings. Glad you were able to share one here.


    1. Wow, I’ll have to check out MickaCoo – thanks for sharing! I’m glad there’s a rescue out there, because the animal control people told me that most owners tell you to just ‘let them go.’ That makes me immensely sad. The homing pigeon we ‘found’ approached us and was looking to humans for care. I wouldn’t have released him if that was to be the owner’s response. I’d have found a way to re-home him. In any event, I’m always grateful to rescues for educating about birds. If we raise them to be dependent on people, we have no right to dump them. This was one happy ending, though – one fortunate birdie!


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