Parrotlet Mimics the Rain

Parrotlets can actually mimic and talk incredibly well, which people tend not to expect out of small birds. This is just a quick post today, but I wanted to share Ptak’s adorable ‘trickling faucet’ noise. It does sound rather like a running tap. He has recently applied this noise to any water, including rain, whether that be a drizzle or a downpour. Previously, he only used this noise to signal when he wanted a drink or bath in the sink.

Rainy days are full of extra fun for him now, as he spends a lot of time watching the world go by outside my bedroom window!

10 thoughts on “Parrotlet Mimics the Rain

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  1. Does he have a perch fixed across the window up there? That is a great idea, if so. Lovely sound.


    1. Actually, it’s a fake windowpane – I figure, if I make him a real perch, he’ll refuse to sit up there. I think half the fun is clambering up there, or dive-bombing it to see if he can land!


  2. I played this for Charlie the Lovebird and she recognized it as bird talk and answered him with some chirps. No idea what she was saying!


    1. Charlie is probably telling him off for being a chatter box! Lately, Mavi has been telling Ptak to “SHHHHH.” I end up laughing, which offends them both.


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