Meet Tayir: Dilute Blue Parrotlet

Say hello to little Tayir (tai-year). This 25 gram parrotlet joined our flock in late 2015, and has been fitting in ever since. He loves food, bath time, and (to Ptak’s dismay) his big brother. I just realised that while I introduced him on the SwB Facebook page, I forgot to do so here!


Dilute blue pacific parrotlet
Tayir is also a talker. He has many new words (a favourite being ‘Ptak’) and sound effects to match. I’ll try and grab some video to put up.

Mavi is unconcerned with Tayir, which is just as well, since I don’t let them out at the same time. (Mavi is much faster and more territorial.) And Ptak just really doesn’t know what to make of the new addition:


Dilute blue and cobalt blue parrotlets (Tayir is left)
Like many parrotlets, Tayir is fierce, and has a mind of his own. Look for more birdy updates soon!

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