Three Birds and a Cloud – a Name Change

Students with Birds blog began on a whim in late 2012 and has grown to be something I’m quite proud of. While I love that name and what it represented, it is true no longer! I’ve graduated, no longer a student, of course, and have been left ruminating over ideas for longer than I’d like to admit. No name seemed quite right.

Obviously, I needed something catchy. I’m not a terribly serious person, even if I do write about serious topics – and so I wanted a name that reflected this. Enter 2018. Although I don’t talk about it much, my health has deteriorated with a frustrating, unknown illness, eventually reaching the point where I realised that I would benefit from a service dog. I did the usual amount of research for me (a lot), and chose my dog: A Samoyed. Someone quickly joked that “clouds” were not allowed as service dogs. And there was the inspiration I’d needed.

Three birds and a cloud.

Fear not. This blog’s topics and content will stay the same, but the new name reflects how my life has changed. I think it’s a little more memorable, too! I’ve incorporated a new look as well to go along with this overhaul.

So please bear with me, friends and followers, as I attempt to sort out ALL of the name changes that go along with this! There may be some issues accessing old posts. That, too, should hopefully be resolved soon.

Celestial Parrotlet “Ptak.”

-Sarah and the flock

7 thoughts on “Three Birds and a Cloud – a Name Change

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  1. New here. I’m getting a Parrotlet next week and am so excited. I lost my Green Cheek Conure a year ago and have not been able to get another Bird till now. I look forward to your posts. Your experience and your wisdom. Please take of yourself. My prayers are with you.


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