Introducing the Cloud

So we all know the three birds of the flock: Ptak, Mavi, and Tayir. Troublemakers, I tell you.

But who is the cloud?

Meet baby Atlas, who will be coming home very soon!

He’s a Samoyed – an ancient breed of sled dog that originates in Russia. They’re fluffy and friendly… and aptly referred to as marshmallows. In all fairness, I’m sure he will also be a terrific troublemaker as well.

But then who are the rest of the crew? There are a few more behind the scenes (of the blog) residents.

First, the rat girls (Opal, Amethyst, and Garnet). I somehow only have photos of two of them at any given time, so Ammy (top, dark) and Opal (grey, below) are pictured.

Bailey the fat tuxedo tomcat has retired from a life as a barn cat after a horse stepped on his head. He’s considered, um, special needs now. Read: unprecedented levels of kitty neediness.

And finally there’s Tubbs, an incredibly gentle female Campbell’s Russian Dwarf hamster. She’s the only one who “mixes” with the birds – we keep her and the birds completely separate from the other critters, for safety’s sake.

Oh, and I guess I can’t forget my husband, R. He loves the animals just as much as I do, although I think the parrots baffle him sometimes. It is terribly funny when they follow him around obsessively, even if he doesn’t think so, heh.

And that’s it! That’s the crew. We bought a house recently (ah!), and I plan on creating more bird-safe spaces throughout the house. Perhaps some upgrades to the bird room, and dare I say it… Eventually an aviary in the garden?

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