Somewhat-Wordy Wednesday.

These have been done for a Facebook contest. Feel free to share, as this is such an important message at this time of year. Please, don't give parrots or other animals as gifts this season.

Parrots Aren’t the Only Birds That Talk…

We already knew that birds are incredible mimics, but did you know that starlings can talk? A kindy teacher in New Zealand rescued a fallen baby starling when she was on a walk, but it's almost certain that she never expected what came next... You can watch the full video (including lots of Buddy the... Continue Reading →

Parrotlets Are the Smartest Parrots.*

*According to my personal opinion highly in-depth research. Cough. Actually, I stumbled across an article called Problem Solving Parrots, which begins to suggest that parrotlets are highly intelligent (though owners don't need scientists to tell us that). Certainly they more than held their ground against cockatoos, lorikeets, and green-winged macaws. Indeed, the spectacled parrotlets of the study were... Continue Reading →

Concerning Cockatoos and Other Pet Parrots.

Cockatoos are dangerous. I'm here to try and convince you not to buy one. Or buy any parrot, that is. I wish everyone could go to an avian rescue and see the inhabitants there. I wish also that everyone could see the Island Parrot Sanctuary and meet parrots who cannot live with people, through no... Continue Reading →

[Insert Clever Title Here.]

It's been a strange month so far. A real high was getting to visit the Island Parrot Sanctuary. A relative low (just bittersweet, really) was making the decision to leave Bobo there. It's not often that we leave a bird - usually we're coming back with one! Still, it was the right decision. Another low was the... Continue Reading →

Plucked Parrots Are Beautiful, Too.

Please, do not buy parrots. I will let a few images speak for themselves: You can find more photos from the Sanctuary here and here.

Senegal Behaviour: Charging. (AKA Maverick loses it.)

Mavi had a bit of a... meltdown... today. He'd bitten my knuckle once as we were sitting at my laptop. It was my fault, as I just hadn't been paying attention. But it told me what kind of mood he was in, so I let him go off to sit and watch our parrotlet. Everything... Continue Reading →

Cost-Breakdown of Owning or Buying a Parrot.

Here's a quick cost-breakdown of owning a parrot, if you were wondering how much that costs to keep one. I'll provide two - an estimate for a smaller bird, and another for a big one. These are all rough guesses based on my own experience. Cost of buying a small parrot - (example, parrotlet): 1.... Continue Reading →

Three Things you Should Tell Visitors About Your Flock.

When you own birds and have visitors round your house, it's important to educate your guests. Parrots aren't a terribly commonplace pet, and many people tend to think of - and therefore treat - them like dogs, or maybe cats. Lots of people have experience with these animals, so it's only natural. We all base... Continue Reading →

Talking Parrots. Maverick the Senegal says his name for the camera... Wee parrotlet Ptak is the chattiest of all our flock; Mishka, the cockatiel, doesn't talk much - save for a rather evil impression of my laugh and an iPhone camera shutter noise. Mavi does say a few things, currently, but his forte is in mimicking... Continue Reading →

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