Pros and Cons of Buying a Canary or Other Pet Finch

Canaries and other finches are a very different bird from a parrot. First, canaries are songbirds, and unlike parrots, their bites won't send you running for a box of bandages. (In fact, my canary has never bitten me, ever.) Parrots are hookbills, identifiable by their hooked beaks for gasping and slicing, while finches have a... Continue Reading →

Remembering Charlie.

It's been one year since Charlie died.This blog is dedicated to helping improve the lives of 'insignificant' birds like him (and I know I haven't been blogging lately; for that I apologise). You see, our Charlie was a very special canary. He was cheeky, clever, and friendly in his own independent way. No, he was... Continue Reading →

Feather Tattoos.

I have had one tattoo for years, a treble/bass heart-shape. It's not unique or anything, but I think it's cute (and small, meaningful, yet inoffensive and concealable) and have no regrets about stamping it permanently on my foot! They say that tattooing is addictive, and maybe it is. I enjoy them as an art form.... Continue Reading →

Learning About my Pet Parrots.

I learn something new about the birds each week, if not each day. For instance, this past week, I've learnt a number of things about each: Mishka likes to stare out the bedroom window. She'll do it for hours on end, singing at anyone who walks past. Maverick LOVES pistachios. He also has a Yoshi... Continue Reading →

Guide to buying your first bird.

Let's assume that you've done your research, contemplated the pros and cons, and decided that a bird is for you. Now all that's left is to buy one. _____ Setting up: First, you will want to have everything set up for your new companion before he or she comes home. Make sure that you've bought... Continue Reading →

Talking Parrot: A Video. We had another glorious day of sun today, and the birds spent it basking on the couch by the window. The smallest one was particularly enamoured, as you can see in the video. Sunlight is rather flattering to his blues. Ptak has also, just by the by, mastered Mishka's song. It's quite adorable, as... Continue Reading →

Canary Singing: A Video. Gloster Canary Pip loves to sing along to me playing viola. I'm just noodling around in the video... I'm not concentrating on what I'm playing at all, so I mess up Bach a few times, haha. The point is Pip! My canary is cute.  

The Role of Diet and UV Light in Avian Behavioural Issues.

I type this with my parrotlet, Ptak, sitting on my hand - an unprecedented behaviour. He is exhausted, having just been to see the Big, Bad Vet (hereby known as the BBV**). At the clinic, the BBV reached into the offensive tub of travelling and plucked him gently out. Afterwards, Ptak was subjected to many... Continue Reading →

Silence is the Worst Thing a Parrot Owner Can Hear.

The most horrifying sound a bird owner can hear is the absence of noise. Silence. Nothing good ever came of silent parrots. Second to that is the sound of crunching paper. You probably know what it's like: It's fairly quiet, and you're already kind of listening up. It's then you hear a faint, tell-tale rustle. Whip around and look,... Continue Reading →

Canaries Are Wonderful Pets. He used to help me wash dishes. I miss that little bird! For the rest of our flock, I ordered some nice new toys today from a place called My dad offered to buy some bird stuff as a Christmas present, and me being me, I only just got round to it. We've... Continue Reading →

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