Issue of the Week: Is Hand-Rearing Companion Parrots Really Better?

The hand-reading of captive and companion parrots is something best left to professionals, if it must be done at all (get ready to explore this issue). It is a delicate process that requires experience. Without the right knowledge, hatchlings will die. And in regards to the practice of hand-rearing baby birds, I have noticed an... Continue Reading →

Flighted or Not: Should I Clip My Parrot’s Wings? We here at Students with Birds Blog are firmly against clipping a parrot's wings unless in a medical situation (for instance, if you need to keep your bird from flying because he or she has an injury), and feel that clipping┬áis very harmful.┬áI linked the video above because it shows my fully flighted parrots... Continue Reading →

Issue of the Week: Owning Exotic Pets.

I thought I would start with a real zinger of an issue - and at what I consider the beginning. There can be no further issues to discuss without myself having first owned an exotic pet, in this case, parrots. I feel that here I should define what I'm calling exotic. Consulting the wide world... Continue Reading →

A Bird Blogging Challenge To Myself.

So, I've been thinking about blog posts I can do in the future... I like a balance between sharing adorable/funny/vaguely interesting birdie stories, and putting up some more informational posts (which bring in the Google hits, haha). In all of this, I realised I could do a weekly topic of discussion. The time I'll be... Continue Reading →

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